Unmissable Sights In Las Vegas

December 4, 2017 admin 0 Comments

Luckily Las Vegas is set up to appeal to more than just the hardened gamblers. It also has plenty to offer the average tourist who wants to see what makes this particular town tick. One of your first stops won’t involve any money changing hands at all. The Bellagio Hotel is known for the fountains which constantly attract visitors in front of the hotel itself. You can enjoy the performances every single day, and since they are free you can watch them as often as you wish.

Another sight that should be on your list is the Eiffel Tower. Yes, there really is such a thing in Vegas! It isn’t quite as big as the real thing in France – it comes in at around half the height – but it still gives you a superb view from over 450 feet up in the air. Be sure to take your camera so you can capture some wonderful pictures of the Strip below. If the weather isn’t too good during your visit, you can always head to the Adventuredome for the day. Just as the name suggests, this is packed with adventure for both children and adults – and you don’t have to worry about the odd shower since the whole place is under a gigantic dome.
You can enjoy a water ride, various roller coasters and even try your hand at bungee jumping if you have the nerve for it. Most visitors find this is a day long experience, so make sure you buy a ticket that allows you to go on everything as often as you like. If you are on holiday with your family make sure you head for the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum while you are in town. This has dozens of permanent and temporary exhibits that really do make learning fun. It is definitely geared up to appeal to children, but most adults will find it a refreshing change and a lot of fun too.

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