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Las Vegas has become the preferred destination for football die-hards who can’t make it to the game itself, resulting in one of the busiest days of the year for those who work at the clubs, casinos, and sports books that host viewing parties. Early projections put this year’s revenue at somewhere around $98 million dollars in non-gaming related earnings. With all the traffic coming through Vegas this weekend, bars, hotels, restaurants, and clubs had their hands full providing for all their patrons.

In the arena of gambling, this year’s game provided some particular intrigue, with the New England Patriots holding a three-point spread over the New York Giants. Many of the sports books found themselves in trouble due to “futures betting,” a form of betting in which a team’s odds on wining the Super bowl are adjusted weekly based on their record throughout the course of the season. Fans who were lucky enough to put money on the Giants in December, right after they had lost 4 games in a row and their odds of winning Super Bowl were extremely slim, received a big payout when the Giants pulled off the 21-17 win.

Another lucky bettor ended up with $50,000 dollars in his pocket when he put down 1,000 dollars at 50-1 odds that the first score of the game would be a safety. When Tom Brady was called for intentional grounding after being sacked in the end zone on New England’s first play of the game, MGM Grand was on the hook for 50 grand. All in all, the amount of money bet this year is thought to be around $90 million dollars (up $5 million from last year), but the Sports books only reported a modest profit.

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