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Recently, in 2006, the United States enacted legislation, known as the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), which essentially made it unlawful for any American Poker player to fund an online Poker site with money to be used in Poker gambling.  There are many reasons as to why this detrimental law should be reversed, and why the U.S. government should consider regulating Online Poker.  Here are a few central ideas:

The UIGEA was literally tacked on as a last minute rider to a Ports bill, which was destined to pass.  The UIGEA was added to ths bill, which was signed by President Bush, about 20 minutes prior to the Port bills Congress vote.  The UIGEA was never discussed or debated in Congress, and was voted on from its original draft, which has many, many holes in it.Fotolia_3732366_Subscription_XL

The UIGEA unfairly puts the onus on its implementation on the U.S. Banking system. It makes banks responsible and culpable for identifying and stopping checks and internet bank transfers that are gambling-related. Specifically, the UIGEA does not clearly delineate what a gambling transaction is and isn’t. The banking system is currently ill-equipped with the necessary man-power to implement such a vague law, and has been blunt in stating that it would take many years to implement a correct system that could identify offending transactions, without inadvertently halting  benign transactions.  Further, the UIGEA is requiring the banking system to  implement this law on its own time (i.e., for no payment), and assume the culpability of its actions.  Given the recent turmoil in the U.S. banking system, it makes absolutely no sense for the banking industry to be spending its time devising a plan to implement a law that is full of crevices, especially when there are infinitely more pressing needs that the banking system must reckon with these days.

Now, for the hypocrisy argument – the U.S. government says that online Poker is illegal, when accounts are funded for the purposes of gambling, but it is totally legal and permissible to play state lotteries, wager for online horse-racing, and bet on fantasy sports online.  Why on earth are lotteries deemed to be legal (when, in fact, they are totally left to chance), when a game of skill (Poker) is deemed to be illegal and immoral, as stated by the proponents of the UIGEA.  It just makes no sense. Anyone who plays Poker knows that there is an inherent chance element associated with the game, but it is largely a game of skill (akin to Chess).

We are currently running the biggest government deficit in American history, courtesy the Bush Administration, and the National Debt will have increased from 5 BB to 9.5 BB under George Bush’s watch (that over a 90 % increase).  Regulation of online Poker could bring a significant windfall to the U.S. government, that would certainly have a positive impact on lowering the budget deficit and slowing down the ballooning National debt.  There are many who have suggested how to implement taxing online Poker, and we could surely learn from our friends in the U.K., who are already doing this.

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  • Jason M:

    I am going to buy poker office but the manual looks
    too dificult. any ideas on how to learn it or is there
    a tutorial avaiable to buy

  • MentallyCryppled:

    Could anyone tell about the online poker?

  • Caltel T:

    A book for beginner to intermediate players with great explanation about tactics and winning money playing cash games online.

  • xiM Clutch:

    Any poker tools that help during online games

  • Dom L:

    I have played poker for almost 20 years and am just starting out playing poker online. I have noticed that its A LOT DIFFERENT! I was hoping for some pointers. Example, should I always fold an ace if it has anything less than a Jack alone with it? It seems like everytime I get dealt an ace with a “low” kicker its beat by an ace with a better kicker. Any other help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
    I play Hold ‘Em online

  • Milk84:

    i understand that there are different bills going through congress to regulate and tax online poker sites. But if it becomes legal, what happens when players in the United States realize they don’t get taxed on their winnings if they play on a offshore website? So how would passing these bills do anything at all?

  • morbiusdog:

    What do I need to start?
    What are the main tools and features?


  • Coffee t:

    ok, well I was thinking about starting to get into online poker coaching. Thus far I have only taught classes to my friends, and they have improved greatly. I looked online and found some sites but they cost around 150-250 an hour. This seems like to me it would limit them to high stakes players.

    I would like to teach some smaller stakes players, or any players really that are interested. I plan on starting out charging only 25 dollars an hour.

    My online full tilt name is DaSarge06 . If you look it up you can see I have over 17k winnings in the past 120 days. I normally teach MTT strategy and Cash Strat, but have taught Sit’n’Go before.

    If anyone is interested post here, or email me and we can get in touch. For now, Good luck at the tables!
    well, for pokercoach, I understand that I haven’t played many SnG’s. If you notice in the post I teach MTT strategy. Also I would note that I have played a decent amount of MTT’s, and know a good deal about general strategy. For more volume of SnG’s refer to Shipit05 on pokerstars. As for you saying I play 2-5 dollar buyins, I don’t quite undersrtand as I have played many 100 or higher MTT’s. Please post what you mean when you say the lower limits. TY TY good luck at the tables!
    lol at nun Y. haha, 120 days = 4 months. And anyways you can check on OPR.

  • nmlpc:

    what are some tips you can provide someone who is new to the online poker and want to get started? ie. which are the best site for deposit bonus and fast cashout? Rake back? Is it wise to buy a poker tools to improve your game and if so which are the best tools to purchase? bankroll management? should i start playing at the micro stakes first and then inching my way up the latter? Any advices would greatly appreciated!

  • Jonathan:

    So I started online poker again and I know I am good, but really don’t know what games to try anymore. I started with $50 and now I am down to $9. I have tried almost everything to make a profit, but don’t know what else to try. I want to make at least $50 a day. Any advice? Don’t say “you just suck, so you should quit” or “you just need to stop.” I just wanna know what I can utilize to make that money.

  • superdork:

    i just started to play online and try to improve my game so I can move up to cash games, but no matter how hard I try to play in these tournament I always get knock out with the best hand when Im all in pre flop with hands like AAs just to be cracked by some bad callers, is there any strategies to play and actually improve your tournament games and win one of those, Im feel so discourage to play now please give me some advice and info or opinion, you’re greatly appreciated in advance. Thank you very much!

  • Sonny:

    Just want to get one of those things that stay up the side of your online poker table and tells you %s and what not. Those of you who play know what I’m talking about. Anyways.. where can I get one? And is it free of pay? thanks.

  • apleaforbrandon:

    I have heard of some online sites getting shut down for fraud…what is a good, reliable one to check out?

  • blarg blarg:

    Normally, I’m very cautious about viruses definition updates and security patches. I tried to update them all. As I went through my Program Files today, I found a new folder “b4playing.” I personally have never installed the program before. I’m wondering how did the program get into my computer? Is it usually bundled with some other prominent software?

  • Miguel M:

    I am a very proficient live game player, with a generally tight / conservative game, I am very good at picking my spots and getting my money in the middle with the best hand, yet I seem to never come out on top in the online game. Now I’m well aware of all the stigmas surrounding the online poker world, more hands = more bad beats and the play of online players is generally weaker and more loose, but given a long enough time scale I should turn a profit eventually with my conservative style, yet just can’t seem to get it done, What do you suggest to improve my online play?, What are your strategies?

  • johnkaiser 22:

    So I started online poker again and I know I am good, but really don’t know what games to try anymore. I started with $50 and now I am down to $9. I have tried almost everything to make a profit, but don’t know what else to try. I want to make at least $50 a day. Any advice? Don’t say “you just suck, so you should quit” or “you just need to stop.” I just wanna know what I can utilize to make that money.

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