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Although Unibet casino live game No Limit Hold’em (NLHE) remains the most popular form of poker in the world, the mixed game cash game action is catching it up in popularity. This is especially true when it comes to the higher stakes cash games in the brick and mortar world.

Walk into most casinos and it’s unusual to see NLHE played for very high stakes. Instead it’s the role of the mixed cash games that takes that mantle. Invariably, the live mixed game scene comes in the form of Dealers Choice (DC). This is where the player seated on the button can choose to play any form of poker they choose – assuming their opponent’s understand the rules.

Mixed games have also started to gain popularity in the online realm. The software doesn’t lend itself to a game of DC, but there are still popular mixed games such as 8-game that can be found on numerous sites. 8-Game is a series of different games that are played for a single orbit each. The game consists of Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, Limit Hold’em, Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Hi/Lo), Razz, Limit Seven Card Stud, Limit Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo), No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

The online arena is a great way of learning how to play mixed games because you can do so for free money, before slowly moving up in stakes. Playing mixed games is also a great way of improving the fundamentals of your poker game.

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  • Roar me R:

    Hi all

    Currently bought some diced game (rabbit, venison, partridge). anyone got any ideas, found loads of pie ideas but not much else

  • Tyler H:

    I am an English teacher and I need to plan some easy and fun Halloween games and activities (but preferably games) for my students who range in age from 5 up to teenagers….
    I have a few ideas but am stumped any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated!

  • Zack Faria:

    i need to do a capitalization project….and it has to be a game…i was looking up ideas and i found The Game Of Life as one…. so how do i mix capitalization rules with The Game Of Life?????????

  • fattiemanny:

    There are several games I would love to find on the pc if anyone can help. I will list the game and original platform.

    Knights of the sky – Amiga
    Syndicate – Amiga (i think)
    Chocks away – Archemedies
    Twin Worlds – Archemedies
    Mad proffesor – Archemedies
    spy vs spy – mega drive
    Bloodwych – Amiga
    V-Rally – Playstation
    Destruction Derby – Playstation
    Sensible Soccer – Amiga (i think)

    I’m running xp by the way.

  • Scott W:

    hi there,
    my friend has halo reach and when ever he goes to plat it it will say mixed media disk
    any help?

    yeah i have a copy of the game and i will try it

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused:

    1. Castlevania series (1 & 3) + Ninja Gaiden (1 & 3) series =
    2. Bionic Commando + Metal Gear =
    3. Super Mario Bros series (1 & 3) + Double Dragon series (1 & 3) =
    4. Kirby Adventure + Any game from Mega Man (1 or 6) =
    5. Shatter Hand + Strider =
    6. Arch Rivals + Basewars =
    7. Battletoads & Double Dragon + Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game =
    8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project + Captain America and The Avengers =
    9. Wrath of the Black Manta + Code Name: Viper =
    10. Batman + Die Hard =
    11. Friday the 13th + Predator =
    12. The Uncanny X-Men + Gauntlet II =
    13. Dick Tracy + Hudson Hawk =
    14. The Legend of Zelda + Final Fantasy =
    15. Silver Surfer + Mega Man 2 =

  • Andres C:

    I used to multi-table but noticed I just lose a ton of money doing that, so now I want to focus playing a cash game at one table online. The problem is that there is no speed cash games, and since everyone else is multitabling, it feels like eternity playing. It gets to one person, then he takes 20 seconds, then the next person takes 20 seconds, and so on and so forth that it becomes unbearable to play and focus. Are there any other sites that have speed cash games? Seems like the site themselves dont want to promote speed cash games bc they want people to multitable to make more money off of them.


  • Phillip123:

    I need to know if the decided to launch it in America and if they did I need to know when is it expected to be for sale

  • mal_functiongeo:

    where can i buy the kingdom hearts 2 final mix in the united states?

  • JimT:

    If you were to play a game where you mix the Pokemon cards and Magic cards, how would you modify the rules to make it enjoyable.

  • wwwavid360gamercom:

    On a few youtube videos ive seen people with wii games and gamecube games in usb loader gx I understand how to play wii games and how to play game cube games but only one or the other how is it possible to do both when the partition used for wii games dosen’t accept .iso file types?

  • MentallyCryppled:

    can any body suggest a few cool pc games that supports my 4gbd dr3 graphics card

  • isk8at818:

    i am throwing a baby shower for a good friend in 2 weeks, but have no idea what activities/games to play to fill the time… can anyone help me, please? Instructions as well as the name of the game will be a huge help since I have never even been to a baby shower before! all ideas help,thanks so much!

  • Sriram R:

    yeah there was an real old game i played in windows 98 yeah mixed up mother goose it wasnt a dos i remeber there were a lots of versions i dwonloaded overr years i played in dos box that were so different like enhanced edition i found it on but i donno how to install it any help?!

  • Jeffery Carlson:

    What exactly does final mix mean? Is it like an extended verson of the game? I know a final mix came out after the first Kingdom Hearts, and then another came out after Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, am I right?

    Hmm well I just I don’t get what they are…

  • soccermaster1:

    like i wanna know
    what is it?
    cuz i already own kh2
    but do i wanna buy the kh2 final mix too?
    OK. but do i wanna buy the kh2 final mix too if i can get it?

  • Ramblin Spirit:

    What do designers do? Lets take a level designer and mario for example: If the artists make all the characters, backgrounds, interfaces, and textures does the design just tells them where to put things? like “put 3 turtles in between these pipes”, “make mario start here”, “make that the finish line”

    Or do they just basically supervise.. “Get back to work”… “That level is coming along nicely”….

    Feel free to leave your own examples to help me better understand what Game Designers do. Thank You!!!

  • Lucas H:

    QcQs Button $1/2 9max I have $117, Early raises $6 Mid 1 calls, I Raise $25 Button SB moves $119 All in, BB Moves $305 ALL IN, Early folds, Mid 2 calls had only $20 total

    What do i do with QQ on the Button after SB and BB move all in

    This is my 2nd hand at the table i know as much as you do about the other players
    what they have will be posted after ppl answer

  • whitesoxfan2347:

    Are you allowed to mix a base game with an expansion from another base game? For example mixing munchkin with munchkin cthulhlu 2 call of cowthulhlu, is that ok to do cause thats exactly what im about to do.

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