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This is a basic guide concerning how to start your own poker network. Most of the details change in different US states. This guide is being written mostly in what is necessary through the condition of Montana for any poker game.

Let’s assume that it really is legal to play poker in your area these are the basics to get started.

  • An area
  • Employees
  • Supplies
  • Complying with laws/regulations
  • Building & maintaining a player base

First of all , is needed is you locate a suitable location for your new poker network. This may have to be an institution that has or can get licensing for a live poker game. While seeking to get a location there are a few things you should think about. If you’d like a spot with many different traffic you are most likely going to need to pay reduced price for your location, however if you are not concerned about simply how much traffic a location has then it’s likely you will get a spot for your card room in a reduced price.

One of the easiest elements of starting a poker room is becoming the supplies. The fundamental supplies you will need really are a poker table, french fries and handmade cards. You’ll want to consider purchasing some other equipment for instance a television since many times having the ability to watch an outdoor event can make or break a texas holdem game at times. In case you are wondering where you should get yourself a dvd items many internet vendors provide everything you will require at some very reasonable prices.

After you’ve found your location and purchased the supplies you will need you need to have some assistance to run your poker game. You are most probably going to need a minumum of one poker dealer. This is a significant section of your poker game considering that the quality of your dealer can severely impact the amount of money you’re making in the rake. Another quality of an experienced dealer is that they can sometimes effect your player base. In case a dealer continues to be getting the region for a long period of your time the chances are they’ve got created a relationship with poker players in your community too and by simply employing certain dealers brings poker players in your game.

Another kind of card room employee that’s often over looked is house players. Virtually every successful poker network on earth employs house players of one type or any other. The reason for house players is usually to be in a position to take up a poker game once you get yourself a customer and to keep the poker game going if this becomes short handed. Many card rooms simply offer to set them into the game for free and split any winnings they own or outlay cash per hour wage. When searching for an excellent house player the overall rule is you want them to try out tight and never to break any poker players. Their overall purpose isn’t to win money but to keep your game going.

Prior to deciding to open your doors and begin running out to get poker players to experience in your new poker network you need to ensure that you are adhering to every one of the regulations. Ensure that you and the location have all from the licensing in order which your entire employees have the licensing they might require to get results for you without having to break any laws.

Now that it is all totally to be able you have to get poker players to play within your new card room. This is actually hardest part. One of many easiest actions you can take is tell everyone you know that you’re operating a texas holdem room and let them know where it’s. It is important to tell others as if you have family, friends & associates that love playing poker it is rather likely that they are going to come play inside your poker game when they learn about it, should they have no idea they will likely visit wherever they went along to play poker before. It’s not an awful idea to pay some funds on other marketing too such as the newspaper, radio and tv advertising.

Once yous start building your clientele it’s important to make them pleased and playing inside your poker game. Here is the downfall of many card rooms. Once the players have been in your establishment you have to ensure that they are getting great service at something they want. If they’re hungry you should buy them food, when they want a drink get them 2, if they need to know what movies are playing call the movie theater and discover for them etc. They should also be waited on promptly to ensure they are happy. If you are inside a service industry including the poker business it is important to ensure you provide a better service than the competition.

An execllent method to maintain your clientele as well as help your business is to begin a email list. Once you have made a good email list you will see that it will almost certainly become the perfect #1 and a lot effective marketing strategy. Although you may need to add incentives to obtain people to subscribe to your subscriber list to get it going it must be worth it over time. It is likewise important not to abuse players contact details as this will most likely annoy them and might even result in them not playing inside your poker room.

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  • Cole:

    please name it and explain it.

  • Kaylla:

    Can some one tell me ALL of the poker starting hand nick names they can think of?

    For example pocket aces are called “pocket rockets” and pocket kings are called “cowboys”.

    I need as many of these as you can think of even the more obscure ones.

    I am trying to complie the bigest list possible for a school project.

    Please give me the hand followed by the nick name.
    pocket jacks=hooks etc.


  • John:

    I am talking about just the regular game of poker, not any other ones. My first question is about when you have to do the bet. I am not sure what you do when you have to bet. My second question is when the people that leave the game and the remaining people are left. Do the remaining people toss in some of their cards and get some new ones? I don’t get that part either. Thanks!!

  • homerliveshere:

    I want to host a private, for fun, invitation only online poker tournament for my friends (2-12 people). I’m looking for a web site or software program that would facilitate this, preferably software so that people would not be required to register at a site. I will announce the time, participants will log on from their home and play
    in the game. I imagine this is possible, but haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Any ideas?

    Best case scenario: I would download a server client, and then give my IP address to friends. I wait for them to connect and join, then I start the tournament.

  • mavis24:

    I dont want anything fancy I just want to know how to play a regular game of poker? Cause it seems to look fun!

  • Arminator:

    Hold Em
    Omaha Hi Lo
    Seven Card Stud
    Stud Hi Lo
    2-7 Draw Lowball
    5 Card Draw

    Bonus Question: What are your top three favorite poker games?

    1. Hold Em (no limit)
    2. Stud Hi Lo
    3. Seven Card Stud

  • happyha31:

    I am a begginer.I dont know anything about card games or poker and I want to play..and all interesting card games….?

  • EzioAuditore1459:

    My fiance really wants a poker game after our wedding reception (same place) and since I also play poker I figured it would be fun. But it seems like that’s all he’s focused on. The reception is outdoors, it’s this Saturday, and I think it’ll be too windy and cold. But, he has his heart set on it. I’m afraid of many things… of cards flying off into the dark, people shivering, and mostly of myself being left in a corner once I’m busted. I also think they’ll end up having it at the usual place (his friends house) and my fiance will end up spending the evening playing poker than spending his wedding night with me. What do you all think? Men, would you ever do that?
    There’s no honeymoon. We got a couch instead. (Grin).

  • kewlflame14:

    I AM NOT LOOKING FOR LEGAL/MORAL ANSWERS. Just wondering if anyone runs a poker game that rakes from the pot. If so, what percentage of the pot? How much are you making each month?

  • Lachlan:

    im wanting to have an online poker game with real money obv lol
    anyone in?
    idk what sites let u organise a game all for urself but if some1 knows one then great!
    i am on fulltilt and pkr if that is relavent
    email me

  • nathan:

    I like playing poker, but sometimes I hold out too long when I have a bad hand, other times I fold too early. Sometimes the other players look annoyed because I count my money during the game.

    If only there were someone who sympathized with all my poker insecurities, perhaps an experienced player who might give me some advice for a swig of whiskey or something.

  • clntvrrt:

    At the start of the month I download the warhammer beta client for the open beta but now I have a head start code(from pre-ordering). Do I need to download another client for the head start or will the beta client I used work for the head start as well?

  • lildevilgurl152004:

    hey i going to get a poker video game for the pc and at the shop there are two poker games that are $15 with one is better World Series of Poker or World Championship Poker 2

  • balinderk2000:

    I am writing a college level research paper about poker. My thesis is ‘Poker is a a game of skill rather than a game of luck’. I need as many sources as I can get to back up my statement. I know quite a bit about the game, but my analysis of the game cannot be considered a credible source. I have already used some articles and some books (Super System, The Psychology of Poker, Poker Wisdom of a Champion).

    Any help would be appreciated. Suggest other books and give links for academic journals/articles.

    Thanks in advance :o)
    Although all of your opinions are wonderful, I need actual sources that I am able to cite within my paper. I can’t find any that oppose my thesis. Academic journals and articles are great. I have retrieved a few from my college database and I know there are more out there. Sources, sources, sources!!!

    *I agree that using probability in place of “luck” sounds much better. Thanks :o)

    Thanks to all :o)

  • cardskid22:

    I just received my debit card in the mail and went to log in to NetBank… but it’s asking me for client number? The lady at the CommBank helped me sign up for NetBanking however I don’t recall her telling me what this client number is. I know my password… but not client number. Is it located somewhere on my debit card or piece of paper?
    I tried to click “forgotten client number” however it isn’t letting me go through that way.

    Not sure what’s going on… your help would be greatly appreciated!

    Happy Holidays! 🙂

  • _marky_mark_:

    I want to start an online Poker game that US players can play too. Players will pay a fix price buyin for tournaments. So, there’s no back and forth money being lost like traditional cash games. I would like to know what are the steps that I should take to get this started, like licensing and stuff?

  • mike s:

    In my State of Pennsylvania .. poker is considered by the state that it is a game of skill… ive been playing texas holdem for atleast 8 or 9 years… and obviously there is luck maybe same ammount of skill too… but why would pa or other states just say skill ??? do they want us to lose all of our money to these casinos ? thinking we can be skilled at it.. with no luck involved??? answers and feed back please !
    I play at chester too ! i am actually pretty good .. not a high roller.. but won more than lost… i pretty much know there is a lot of skill… best poker quote “its luck what cards you get dealt, but its skill how you play your hand”… im only 23.. so only been playing texas holdem in casinos for 2 years.. there are a lot of bad players out there.. im just thinking it may be good for good players because the donks think theres no luck in it.. and think they got the skills to be the best.. i just wanna hear the donks come out and give their feedback…. its called harras philly now by the way haha not chester..

  • mavis24:

    which poker games are on line that or online which ones are some good on line poker

  • Taylor2k:

    1) what language should be used for an online (web based) poker type game? I was thinking maybe an AJAX or Flash app would work…

    2) If you have no programming experience, what language would be easiest to create this online poker type game?

    3) How much would it cost to outsource an online poker type game (soup to nuts) to India? To the US?

    4) How long would it take to make a game, registration site etc..


  • Larry R:

    anyone regularly play/profit from loose games? i tend to play tight games and chip away slowly and never really have my stack in good just steal pre and take it down on the flop with the best hand nothing volatile but its such a grind. How often can u beat a loose game? how well rolled do you need to be for these games? and how many losing days per week?

  • Scott W:

    How do people make money from high level poker games in basements or w/e, how do you charge people to play?

  • Krazy Bob:

    I am having a party and I will be having a texas hold em cash game going on as well- I would like some pointers on how to structure the game…I want it to be small stakes, like having the blinds be $1 and $2…any suggestions would be appreciated

  • Jonathan:

    I just played my first game of poker with my brother today and we only played with change but I took more than a dollar from him. How common have you seen a full house happen because I got like 6 or 7 and he said that they don’t happen very often?

  • Yoshi:

    i want to hold a poker game for students, so it would not be a great amount of of money involved, so whats that best way for me to make money off them, without playing myself, and without them feeling ripped off? hoping to do this alot at uni to earn some easy extra cash

  • sean:

    Im trying to write a description of a poker game, but i cant think of a clever way to do it. More specifically, texas holdem. I kind of need to compare it to my life and i know how to do that but i need a descriptive way to describe the game so it makes the comparision more intreeging


  • kevindiking67verizonnet:

    It takes me 1 hr and 20 min to get to the closest casino, then I pay them rake, tips, etc. It would save me a ton of money just having a home poker game in my condo. I’m debating whether to buy all the supplies now for the game or just go to the casino one day per week on the weekends and stay there all day. The positives about the casino is that there is a constant flow of people coming to the table, but does that make up for the rake and tipping that I have to pay when playing? Also, what are the drawbacks to running a home poker game. I live in NJ. Of course I don’t want any issues in my apt but I guess that can always happen too, even though most games I play at are pretty civilized and if I keep the game only open to people I know then I should be okay. What do you think?

  • borabora5524:

    I am looking to host a Poker Game (Texas Holdem) and I am trying to figure out which style would be better, Ring (cash), or Tournament?
    Please explain the pros & cons to each. Which will benefit me better financially as a host (not a player). I don’t know a lot about cash Holdem games, so do the players actually play the dealer, or does the dealer simply just deal the cards? Also, can someone explain how a “rake” works, and how it is typically done in private (non-casino) poker games?


    Check it… I know how to play poker, but I don’t pray to the poker gods like some!
    This will not be a small, or cheap game. My “friends” are not strapped for cash by any means. I am not doing this for fun, and trust me, there will not be anyone that doesn’t fully understand my terms before they show! So how would YOU hold a high stakes game?

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