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online poker roomTo date, casino enthusiasts no longer need to go to land-based casinos, as they could play games at the comfort of their home. As long as they do have a PC or laptop and internet connection, they can play online casino games such as poker. Joining online poker rooms is the starting point of playing poker.

If you want to play poker online, all you have to do is search for n online poker site that you can trust. This is a vital requirement in playing any paid games online, as your money is involved in the game. In choosing a reliable online poker site where you could start playing games, it would be best to choose the one with positive reviews and mostly recommended by many. After choosing a site that appeals to you, it would be advisable to try the freeplay games offered by the site. This can help you get familiar with the software involved in playing poker, its interface and on how it behaves.

To successfully join online poker rooms, you also have to download software in order to start playing. Usually, downloading online poker software takes an average of 2 to 5 minutes. There are free software that you can download online such are those that can be installed using Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

After downloading and installing the software in your computer, you can open an account for free. You could play poker games for two different ways after joining poker game’s table. You could either choose tournament play or regular play. What makes regular play different from the tournament play is that the former can let you play immediately while the latter usually takes some time. Joining online poker rooms is now made easier with the help of various sites that specify complete step-by-step guide in playing poker games. All you have to do is browse the web and look for reliable websites that offer reliable information on poker games.



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  • Elijah luv:

    Just moved to the city from Jersey where I play in AC about 2 times a week. Been playing for 6 years. Looking for something in Manhattan. 1/2, 2/5, open to all games. Not affiliated with LE in any way – just looking for a game.

  • Andres C:

    I was trying to find out if fulltilt poker is cool to play on and this is one of the answers;

    “No because they wouldn’t give me rakeback on my account”

    What does he mean by that?

  • louisewoods1984:

    does anyone know of any online casinos that accept usa customers that have a private table for poker. I’m looking for one where some of my friends and I can get together and play without having to worry about anyone else joining.

  • Denali:

    What do you know about the online poker?

  • PolishPokeyPimp:

    I cant promise I’ll be able to pay back(in the end poker is poker and I can go broke) but as soon as i manage to get to 10 dollars I’ll give back and promise to help the person out if they go broke too..
    I cant get a way to put money onto the account i dont have a credit card or any of that and ive tried with local bank transfer but it gets rejected everytime,anyway Ive been playing poker for more than 3 years so I have a lot of experience,its more likely that I win than loose but I need some starting capital for that.
    If anyone is kind enough I have Poker stars and Full tilt my id on full tilt is killz777 and on pokerstars kfldt

  • Thomas Lopez:

    just wanted to make sure i dont get 5 years in prison or 250,000 fine if caught playing poker online,cause thats the fines says justice department.when they shutdown pokerstars etc.also are us citizens still playing real money online even though they have been warned.i am a us citizen and want to play real money online poker….help

  • dealy:

    What’s the best site to play online poker freerole tournaments that win you spots to play on tv with the pro’s. It would be nice if you could play for real money too. Please tell me the best site to download so I can win and play for the big money on tv.

  • David:

    I have been playing poker online for a while now, and I swear the company that offers online poker employ people to play poker against you around the clock. Every time I login I think they are sending me to a network of other players that are there employees. And they are controlling who you play against.

    They employ a lot of people and pay them an hourly rate, then those people play poker against outsiders (sometimes they will play 13 games at once, at 13 different tables), and someone else is paid to regulate the outsiders playing there employees never other outsiders, only on occasions and when requested.

    And when you sit at a table to play, you are playing against 5 other players. but really they are one, The Owner/Owners of the site. You know what I’m saying?

    Does anybody else get this feeling?

    Is it possible for them to do that? would it be worth there time?

  • Matthew David:

    are there any poker rooms left online? any suggestions?

  • Marshal:

    Why do people not realize that gambling online for cash is just throwing their money away? There is no way those sites can prevent an individual from using more than one computer or a group of people from showing each other cards.

    Imagine one guy with six computers, six log ins sitting in one room in an online gambling site. Two people join the table. That one person knows the cards in the hands of six “players” and can play to win against the two who do not have that advantage.

    Imagine six friends in the same room all logged into the same game. They can share information and as a group, beat the two outsiders all the time.

    And then people wonder why the government banned online gambling.


  • Death Knight:

    Looking for poker site with bad players like myself

  • Chester:

    I want to set up a bank acount in Grand Cayman to have all of my online poker winnings transfered without the U.S. Government seeing the money and taxing it. If i do this, is there anyway for the U.S. government to see the transactions and put them with my name, and interest. Will this work? Do you have a better idea to get the money somewhere untaxable so I won’t have a ton of cash in my home?

  • The Villain:

    So I started online poker again and I know I am good, but really don’t know what games to try anymore. I started with $50 and now I am down to $9. I have tried almost everything to make a profit, but don’t know what else to try. I want to make at least $50 a day. Any advice? Don’t say “you just suck, so you should quit” or “you just need to stop.” I just wanna know what I can utilize to make that money.

  • Ray D:

    I can’t remember the site.. but it was club something, or something like that, tons of free multiplayer card games… I think it had to do with poker.. I just remember it, and wanted to know the site.. You could like play at tables, and stuff, join different rooms for certain games ect.
    If anyone knows, or might know the site, please post.. Thanks.

  • Hayden:

    Where can I find a site where i can play unlimited poker for free? Any links? Please help.

  • Patrick:

    Actually, I had joined a poker room online but I was not satisfied with it so please give me website where I can be happy.

  • Jeanelle the Retard:

    Are those online poker real? If you win, they really give you money and how can you take that money out? What is the best website that play online poker (real money)?

  • Dr Hank:

    I run a poker website and so of course am affiliated with the two big online poker rooms fulltilt and pokerstars but I’m not getting the sign ups I have in the past. I’m thinking for the obvious reason that everyone interested in playing online poker has already signed up for one or the other. So I’m pondering on switching back and forth between different smaller sites, trying a different one each month or something like that. (I should probably add in that my site is directed not towards a large group of poker players but towards a smaller audience less than 1,000 so it’s important to me to offer quality products and services so I don’t turn them off.) So I guess the main question here is does anyone have good recomendations to some of the smaller sites, not only their affiliate programs but their over all design and functionality user friendly, fast payments, good customer service, etc?

    any comments are greatly appreciated

  • Nathan B:

    I just lost in two weeks what I spent the past twelve months making in online poker (texas hold em). I have finally come to the realization that this game is ridiculous and I’m just wasting my time. What else can I do with all the new free time I will have going forward?

  • diggn4richez:

    Hello all! Probably a bit unwise, but a buddy of mine invited me to join him in a $100 buy in no limit hold em tournament, and not only would this be my first live poker tournament, but my first time in a casino. I’m a fairly successful online player so I know the game, but I wouldn’t know the first thing to do once I walk in. Can anyone tell me what I should do before/during the tourney? Table ettiquette of sorts? Also, I’m 19 living in FL, I’m allowed only in the poker rooms correct? Thanks.
    Edit: Any info on mucking ettiquette would also be greatly appreciated.

  • Matthew S:

    There seem to be so many more bad beats online than live. Is this because the sites are rigged for action, or because there are more hand played in a shorter time period online?

  • Matt:

    what is the difference between online gambling and online poker?

  • Jack Bauer:

    It is bugging me because awhile back i used to play this poker game / program with a bunch of friends online. Like how they have full tilt and all those other ones. Well this one you downloaded the program you ran it, then created your name and then you could join others servers or create your own room and put passwords on it.

    So basically what I’m saying is there a poker site where you can download a poker game and create your own room ?

    I found a few but there for real money , i don’t want real money i Just want one where you can create a table and then 2-10 friends can join your server and have a good ole time.

    I been trying to find this on my own for months now i need some help from the people.

  • Nathan B:

    Wan’t to find a poker site with many fish. I want to find a site where the poker fish chase everthing to the river

  • rndmaktn:

    ok i dunno how to start

    im 21 and have a problem
    it all started when me and a friend went to a pub for a game of poker which was only ment to be a 1 off i said i wouldnt play for anymore money but then a started playing online i lost over £600 in less than 3 weeks and its been going on and on and on

    but there doesnt seem to be any help

    the 1st thing i think bout when pay day comes is putting money online and playing

    so far i have bout 7 accounts with diffrent games
    and a few others

    i really want to get help but somehow i dont think it will work because im so addicted/used to gettin paid and playing online

    is there any 1 who nos where i can get help

  • Brian:

    please take a look at our online poker site at

    Can you please tell me if you thnink its appealing and if youd enjoy playing on it. and also if you have any advertising and marketing ideas, please feel free to share them because we are looking to expand

  • Kristian:

    I understand that while online poker is perfectly legal in most of the US, banks are forbidden from accepting transactions with online gambling sites, making it difficult for players to fund their account, and presumably stopping thousands of casual players from playing poker online.

    As a English player, this does not directly effect me, but if the law was repealed, I imagine there would be an influx of thousands of casual players who previously did not bother circumventing the restrictions, but would play if it was that that much easier to deposit and withdraw money.
    Such an influx could only be good for the game.

    So I suppose my question is whether or not there is likely to be any relaxation of the online gambling laws in the states in the near future?
    I know Stars and Fulltilt accept US players, but I would imagine many casual players are turned off the idea of online poker by the difficulty of funding an account with the current law in place.

  • stephen m:

    is not an available option so I have to use the basic membership and the cash tables are few are far between. Also, I’m interested in a site similar to pureplay in that I would be able to play for money without spending money, subscribing to a cost obligated membership, etc. Thanks everyone!

  • Adam:

    With the passage of the legislation in Congress to curb online gambling, many online poker sites have already banned US players from playing for cash at their poker rooms. Although online gambling is legal, and the legislation affects the banking industry specifically, do you think that online poker players are afraid to make a deposit at an online poker room? Find online poker room that are still accepting US players at

  • SteveO:

    What laws were made or considered when banning online poker?

  • dealy:

    has anyone ever been convicted or arrested for playing poker online anywhere in the u.s. on sites such as poker superstars or fulltilt. or is it virtually impossible for the government to detect such activity without copying your hard drive or something

  • mr flibble:

    i have been around 500k the last few days and ran it up to 680k but i should be improving better than 100k a day..

    any pointers on how i can get up to 2m faster?

  • Paul M:

    I am looking for an extensive poker guide for beginners, because i would like to become an amazing poker player, but at the moment i suck :D. So if you could find me videos, or written guides it would be awesome although i do prefer videos because they can have some hands on stuff. The longer, and more detailed the better.

  • everythingisgonnabefine:

    i’m new to the whole poker scene and want to know what i must do to enter the big tournaments. which tournaments are good for me to start out with and how to i join them?

  • Jose B:

    1) what language should be used for an online (web based) poker type game? I was thinking maybe an AJAX or Flash app would work…

    2) If you have no programming experience, what language would be easiest to create this online poker type game?

    3) How much would it cost to outsource an online poker type game (soup to nuts) to India? To the US?

    4) How long would it take to make a game, registration site etc..


  • jdubdoubleu7704:


    Does anyone know of a poker room that

    accepts US members
    allows you to create your own tournament

    paypal as payment method
    play in browser capability (no download)

    if anyone knows of a poker room that offers this with an affiliate program please please let me know


    if its not against the rules here feel free to post your affiliate link to the poker room and i’ll join under that if it meets my criteria

    many thanks all


  • Marlon P:

    Hey does anyone know how to get a lot of chips FAST! on Fulltilt poker?

    Can anyone please help me with some chips? Thanks!

    My username is KroNicKidBlazin

  • Stevalicious:

    Hi i am looking to join a UK online poker room or online casino as I want to try and start making some real money playing online poker. I am not sure which one is best to join. Many people I have spoke to recommended i join as they say it is a fantastic uk online casino and poker room. Does anyone have any suggestions on any others to join?

    Thanks in advance.

  • nothin_nyce1:

    Could anyone tell about the online poker?

  • Clayton Cottrell:

    I seem to remember there being a free online poker game a few years back where you could play at 1-on-1 tables. Are there any sites now that allow for something similar?

    Just tired of playing at a 10 person table with players who constantly go all-in

  • Nathan B:

    are there any ways around the new legislation passed that prohibits any real money poker games for americans?

  • Denali:

    Is online poker legit(not rigged)? Do you know anyone actually making money playing online poker? Where do you play online poker(which sites)? Is online poker legal in USA?

  • ttocs:

    I am just starting to play. I am looking for poker books, free bonuses for signing up, poker tips and anything that may be of interest to playing poker.

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again:

    Personally, I think that online poker is not real poker. It annoys the hell out of me. All these players that sit at their computer clicking a mouse and believing that they are poker players.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think that online poker is as valid as live poker?

  • Michael C:

    im fairly successful at my local casino but horrendous online, which has the best technical players. also i keep hearing horror stories about people being paid to play at these sites and unfair dealing and stuff, whats the truth here? lay it on me

  • Gamer959:

    well ive been playing full tilt poker and have been having fun
    im doing a deposit soon but is their a better poker place? cause i wana put my money in the best place i hope somone will help me out

    i liv in united states just so u know cause i know their are some sites united states players cant play for money in

  • Alex:

    Im just getting into betting with Texas hold ’em and i was wondering where i could find a legit Texas hold ’em online poker site that has low buy ins considering i’m not that great yet. Thank You

  • Lia-lu-li:

    I play on fulltiltpoker, and normally I play $.25/$.50 NL Holdem. I’ve been on a streak lately and brought my bankroll from $400 to $1,600 over a few weeks. Then I played yesterday and went from $1,600 down to $1,350 and wanted to get my money back quicker, so I went to higher stakes, where the I wound up losing everything, the whole bankroll. I was so pissed and swore off poker forever, but of course this moring I already made another $600 deposit and Im back to the low stakes. I feel like this is one big waste of time, but cant stop playing and dont know what to do w my free time should I stop playing. Should I keep playing, and does anyone really win in online poker w the rake and all?

  • Roar me R:

    Tell me some of the portals and forums that are used for the poker game….

  • PIE BOY:

    i heard that texas is going to arrest people for play online poker if so how long could they do time

  • mavis24:

    Have a lucky seat…and if so,do you leave the room if someones sitting in your lucky seat?


    Does anyone know if anyone is selling large bankrolls of free full tilt poker chips? tired of the free 1,000 chips you get please let me know if anyone knows who or where i can buy them Thanks

  • Mark M:

    I’ve never played poker online before, but I’m a bit curious and would like to try it out. But there seems to be at least a million different online sites I can play, and I’m a bit confiused. Any recommendations on where I should start out?

  • sarah w:

    Like Full Tilt Poker or

  • Marlon P:

    I recently discovered something with online poker while taking notes on players. I found the majority of my 10 person table were playing at least 5 tables at once. In 15 minutes of tagging them I found that upto 9 out of 10 players at most tables were multitabling. This raised an alarm with me because popular poker theory will suggest that to be a pro you have to label you oppenents and their styles, their timing, and their bet choices in respect to positioning. Only a genius could beat good poker players while playing 5-20 tables at once. I found multitabling going on like this up to the highest stakes.

    Colluding is supposed to be monitored by the game site but if people colluded around the world it couldn’t be possible to prove. And why would the game site want to shut down a behavior that pays them a rake. A seperate but same party could setup the colluding aspect making 9 bots for every 1 human. And the game site wouldn’t care because they aren’t doing anything illegal. They pay 300,000 easy for a bad beat so obviously this is a millions and billion dollar industry.

    All someone has to do is set up people (or programs) around the world to play and share info from there hands to get the edge to win without reading the oppenents play. And there are no police to go to because its an international issue. One company or group could own all the sites and steal billions. Like a filter that steals loose change.

    Am I just being paranoid, or is this a huge criminal act?

    Can I play online poker with out being cheated

  • Michael C:

    how prevalent are online poker viruses? I want to download partypoker but I’d rather not download something that can really mess up my computer.

  • blarg blarg:

    I have to write a 6 page paper on online poker (which is now illegal). It is argument essay, so if you all could give me your side and some views on it, that would be great!


  • Agent 47:

    ill trade $7 dollars in paypal for $5 in full tilt poker money. if intrested e-mail

  • Brian:

    Like tabletop simulator, only you know, free. Preferably 2D.

    Something simple, like those browser games where all you have to do is create a room and you’re provided a link to send to your friends. And they join your private session.

    All i really want is to host a private session of free poker with my friends. Ive been searching for at least two hours now and im begining to become very agitated and extremely frustrated. All i can find is zyga like facebook pay to play, real gambling and single player poker games.

    When ive been searching for the broader type, generic card game, ive only found pretend you’re xyzzy (That is cards against humanity) and multiplayer set.

    I just want to have a game night with my friends, but only over the internet.

    Does anyone know of a Generic card game game or a private online FREE poker game?

  • shahedC:

    I’ve been playing stud and hold ’em online for play money and I’m interested in the possibility of playing for real. I’ve seen some websites that advertise software which allows one to see opponents cards online…and I assume the casinos have ways of preventing this type of thing by encrypting the information. (Also, if the software really worked I’d assume the developer could make more money by discreetly using it himself rather than by selling it!)

    But what I’m concerned about is the possibility of players colluding with one another as a team and communicating with each other to take advantage of one player who thinks he’s just playing with random people.

    Do the online casinos watch for signs of this type of activity (such as the same group of people always playing together, players betting on and raising to bad hands, etc.)? If a group of people is suspected of cheating, what action, if any, is taken?

  • Only Business:

    I wanted to know if I there was such a computer application me and all my friends can download on our computers and play poker in a private game?

  • PIE BOY:

    Im pretty good at poker (no-limit hold em)

    I was playing online yesterday, and won 180 bucks in 2 hours.

    of course I kept playing, and after 14 hours lost what I made (mainly due to some bad beats)

    If I tried my hardest and played my best, and had a goal: make 100 dollars a day, and stop; would it be plausable to consider a 700 dollar a week income with this method?

  • che-che:

    I have heard of some online sites getting shut down for fraud…what is a good, reliable one to check out?

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    I have searched on the web to try and figure it out but I can’t seem to get a straight answer, I just want to know if it is Legal to play online poker (real money) if you live in the US. I heard the a law was passed in the US to stop online gambling but as far as what I have read up on its not, this is all confusing to me. I am specifically talking about sites like PokerStars and FullTilt poker, if it is illegal how do these sites still offer real money play? I do live in the US and would like to play “real money” games on FullTilt or Pokerstars and I have looked at both their websites and they don’t say anything about it being illegal but a friend of mine told me “They made it illegal for anyone in the US to play online poker for real money, if you do you will get caught and put in jail”. Someone please tell me a straight answer to this Question I would appreciate it.

  • supernerd567:


    Like you, I was looking for the best online poker room a few months ago.

    I eventually joined one of the most experienced gaming operators in the world.

    It is a well-known fact that players put faith in sites that have built up a reputation of honesty and reliability.

    River Belle has over 10 years expertise in bringing clients the biggest, best and latest games and promotions around.

    I’ve been winning, their bonuses are the best and I highly recommend them as the best online poker room.

  • Superman:

    Is it ILLEGAL to play poker Online for REAL Cash Prizes in Minnesota, U.S.A.?

  • Bryant B:

    When playing online poker is it useful to use pot odds?

    I’ve been playing poker palace on myspace for a while now and some of the hands that come up and don’t come up are outrageous. It seems to me that using pot odds on online poker is a waste of time.

    At least when you’re playing in reality you know there is only 52 cards in play.

  • nothin_nyce1:

    I’ve decided to start playing poker online. Wanted to know the best site to play on, also how the cash flow works. Can you only put money into your account through a credit card? Any other tips to be successful at this? I have about 2 years experience playing texas hold’em.

  • Joe M:

    Since the passed the law not letting us gamble online anymore I have heard of ways around this. Can anyone tell me how to do this so I can play poker online for money again?

  • _marky_mark_:

    I recently got all hyped up to have my first start in online poker. Im curious as to if anyone can help me out here. I ran across a unbelievably monkey retard level problem. THE BUY INS!!! An example is theres no such thing as $20 buy in. Its $20+ or $20-$200. So every room the average player has over $100. I join a $5 room, and its $5+ aswell. So every one has $50. THIS IS STUPID!!! All i want is a simple straight forward, 25cent small blind, 50 cent big blind, $10/$20 max buy in. Every one sits down with $20 or less and plays. obviously after extended periods people can be in the hundreds, but they earned that, they didnt just buy in for a hundred. The only rooms i can find with every 1 at or around $20 is crazy low stakes poker. 2cent and 5 cent blinds. THATS STUPID. I AINT PLAYING THAT.

    So, can any 1 help me find a poker site, that allows simple max buy ins?
    All i want is to play $10 or $20 MAXIMUM buy ins, with 25 cent and 50 cent blinds.
    thats all i ask. please help me.


    This is a major screw up on poker sites. I mean how many home games have u
    sat down and bought into and it wasnt a fair starting buy in? thats how poker works.
    you buy in for x amount in x amount stakes and all start on evenish playing feild.
    from their certain people win were as others lose. But you all started with the same amount.

    Im aware joining games mid game can result in uneven playing feilds, but thats not my case.
    Ive even made games only to have people join buying in with 4x my stack. Ive tried pokerstars and 888 poker. I want a site that has max buy in. NOT $20-$200 max buy in, OR $10-$100. But JUST $20 buy in. Or JUST $10 buy in.

  • fattiemanny:

    Is this the only casino in Shreveport that has poker?

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    ok, well I was thinking about starting to get into online poker coaching. Thus far I have only taught classes to my friends, and they have improved greatly. I looked online and found some sites but they cost around 150-250 an hour. This seems like to me it would limit them to high stakes players.

    I would like to teach some smaller stakes players, or any players really that are interested. I plan on starting out charging only 25 dollars an hour.

    My online full tilt name is DaSarge06 . If you look it up you can see I have over 17k winnings in the past 120 days. I normally teach MTT strategy and Cash Strat, but have taught Sit’n’Go before.

    If anyone is interested post here, or email me and we can get in touch. For now, Good luck at the tables!
    well, for pokercoach, I understand that I haven’t played many SnG’s. If you notice in the post I teach MTT strategy. Also I would note that I have played a decent amount of MTT’s, and know a good deal about general strategy. For more volume of SnG’s refer to Shipit05 on pokerstars. As for you saying I play 2-5 dollar buyins, I don’t quite undersrtand as I have played many 100 or higher MTT’s. Please post what you mean when you say the lower limits. TY TY good luck at the tables!
    lol at nun Y. haha, 120 days = 4 months. And anyways you can check on OPR.

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