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There are some poker players who do not pay attention and are not bothered about what you are trying to express silently. They play like nothing is being expressed at all. It is going to be a big fat waste of time if you are going to try to tell something to such players who play in vacuum.

However, when you are bluffing you got to help them pick what you want them to think you are actually up to. If you are going to bluff in a way where they will surely identify that you are not representing what you hold, then you are lost.

Make sure that you are not the frequent bluffer in the poker room. Bluff very sparingly. If you are going to bluff very frequently even your most genuine moves will be suspected for a bluff. Also, there can be times when you have bluffed and things did not work your way. When you are facing such situations it is better you muck your hands. If you are going to just show down then they are going to make out that you were bluffing and the next time even when things are most favorable for a bluff you might not be able to stage a bluff.

When you bluff make sure that you have something to go ahead with. Don’t bluff with the dirtiest pockets ever. Try a bit of semi-bluffing where you have a chance to improve on the draw. By this way your raises might find a value after a draw in situations of semi-bluffing. However, if the draw does not favor you better follow the golden rule of mucking.

Look in to the level of players whom you are trying to bluff against. If you are going to bluff too aggressively and very realistically to a tight player he might probably fold because if he senses you are going to win, he will be least bothered to stay heads up any more.

Decide on what your motives of the bluff are. If you are looking to slow play the game, you got to make sure that you are bluffing in a way to keep players in the game. Do not bluff to have them scared to fold and eventually you might miss out on the purpose of the whole bet.

If you are bluffing to really smart sharks, there are going to be some who will know that you are bluffing and they will literally respond the way you will want them to and eventually in the end you will see that they have plotted an internal bluff where all the time you took wrong clues from them and they had you in the pot to have their pot grow.

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