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In society, the popularity from the internet poker game is growing day by day. There is plenty of information which can help you to definitely educate regarding the game. A lot of E-books are available authored by professional online poker gamers. These E-books can assist you to develop the skills you need to transform your sport. Simultaneously, there are variety of available tools which are designed to help you, like software to analyze other player’s type of playing on the internet chances calculators. There is no doubt these tools are available to help you to transform your skills, nevertheless additionally, there are some pragmatic online poker facts help you survive the furniture. There are lots of such online poker instructions. As with the majority of things in life, the creator of each can declare that theirs is the greatest. Basically the intended consumer of the poker direct, on the other hand, will be eager upon getting what could be termed as the best online poker guideline, for the purpose of making their learning from the workings associated with online poker rapid as well as effectual.


This is what leads these to a circumstances where they will express an awareness in knowing what goes into the creating of a good internet poker guide- so that they can utilize that the important factors for making a selection out of the frequent obtainable resources created and meant to guide online poker gamers, because they get started on the internet poker video game. Few people will claim with all the assertion that a good on-line guide will be one which is written by credible government bodies. The poker manual authored by people who have actually been successfully active in the game could be better than one authored by people in whose knowledge of poker is purely educational. It is very difficult, in fact impossible, in order to correctly teach people who which you don’ to know at a personal stage. A good method to ensure out the credibility from the authors of the various resources which are designed to guide online poker as which get prosperous poker playing chronicles.


At the very least you should look at the numerous information these people present about the said poker guides, to find out whether those make them authorities in the area. A good online poker guide is that that is comprehensive inside the coverage associated with issues related to internet based poker. In this regard, a great guide could be one that answers the majority of questions that the beginner would be likely to have relating to internet poker. Which is really important because we have seen assets designed to guide online poker players who are making their own first jump hanging around on the internet, nevertheless which not even close to answering ideas such newbies to internet poker probably have, ended up leaving them with even more inquiries.

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  • mike s:

    I’ve decided to start playing poker online. Wanted to know the best site to play on, also how the cash flow works. Can you only put money into your account through a credit card? Any other tips to be successful at this? I have about 2 years experience playing texas hold’em.

  • Caltel T:

    I am just starting to play. I am looking for poker books, free bonuses for signing up, poker tips and anything that may be of interest to playing poker.

  • Benihana:

    I have heard from more than one source that because online poker sites are usually run by Indian tribe casinos that they do not have to follow the regulations the gaming commission has set forth for other casinos. Actual Indian casinos don’t have the correct odds on most electronic games, so does that mean that most online poker sites run by Indian casinos also don’t have the correct odds?
    I just picked a random online poker site, Full Tilt, and checked who it was regulated by, it is regulated by Kahnawake gaming commission, an Indian territory gaming commission. I am still not convinced that they can’t just do whatever they want, they regulate themselves, does not seem like there are any checks or balances.

  • Marlon P:

    So I started online poker again and I know I am good, but really don’t know what games to try anymore. I started with $50 and now I am down to $9. I have tried almost everything to make a profit, but don’t know what else to try. I want to make at least $50 a day. Any advice? Don’t say “you just suck, so you should quit” or “you just need to stop.” I just wanna know what I can utilize to make that money.

  • turg143:

    what is the difference between online gambling and online poker?

  • Goe122:


    Full Tilt Poker Game #3139060830: $8 + $0.80 Sit & Go (23978658), Table 12 – 200/400 Ante 50 – No Limit Hold’em – 4:12:10 ET – 2007/08/03
    Seat 1: Airman VanGeeze (5,753)
    Seat 2: coachfei (14,286)
    Seat 5: zjbell70 (21,885)
    Seat 6: BIGTITS08 (7,310)
    Seat 7: luckydude9 (7,883)
    Seat 8: castle33 (19,485)
    Seat 9: mh540 (7,545)
    Airman VanGeeze antes 50
    coachfei antes 50
    zjbell70 antes 50
    BIGTITS08 antes 50
    luckydude9 antes 50
    castle33 antes 50
    mh540 antes 50
    BIGTITS08 posts the small blind of 200
    luckydude9 posts the big blind of 400
    The button is in seat #5
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to luckydude9 [Ah Ad]
    castle33 raises to 800
    mh540 folds
    Airman VanGeeze: damn u
    Airman VanGeeze folds
    coachfei folds
    zjbell70 folds
    BIGTITS08 raises to 7,260, and is all in
    Airman VanGeeze: thx 4 shown
    luckydude9 raises to 7,833, and is all in
    castle33 folds
    luckydude9 shows [Ah Ad]
    BIGTITS08 shows [Qc As]
    Uncalled bet of 573 return

  • Cole:

    What’s the best site to play online poker freerole tournaments that win you spots to play on tv with the pro’s. It would be nice if you could play for real money too. Please tell me the best site to download so I can win and play for the big money on tv.

  • Noe R:

    im fairly successful at my local casino but horrendous online, which has the best technical players. also i keep hearing horror stories about people being paid to play at these sites and unfair dealing and stuff, whats the truth here? lay it on me

  • andresumoza:

    I have heard of some online sites getting shut down for fraud…what is a good, reliable one to check out?

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet:

    I have played poker for almost 20 years and am just starting out playing poker online. I have noticed that its A LOT DIFFERENT! I was hoping for some pointers. Example, should I always fold an ace if it has anything less than a Jack alone with it? It seems like everytime I get dealt an ace with a “low” kicker its beat by an ace with a better kicker. Any other help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
    I play Hold ‘Em online

  • ScRSC:

    Is online poker legit(not rigged)? Do you know anyone actually making money playing online poker? Where do you play online poker(which sites)? Is online poker legal in USA?

  • liza:

    i’m looking for a legit online poker site for real money poker that’s legal in america does anyone have personal experience? im trying to start up again after pokerstars and full tilt stoped there american networks

  • Jack Bauer:

    Are those online poker real? If you win, they really give you money and how can you take that money out? What is the best website that play online poker (real money)?

  • whitesoxfan2347:

    how prevalent are online poker viruses? I want to download partypoker but I’d rather not download something that can really mess up my computer.

  • Shay H:

    I play on fulltiltpoker, and normally I play $.25/$.50 NL Holdem. I’ve been on a streak lately and brought my bankroll from $400 to $1,600 over a few weeks. Then I played yesterday and went from $1,600 down to $1,350 and wanted to get my money back quicker, so I went to higher stakes, where the I wound up losing everything, the whole bankroll. I was so pissed and swore off poker forever, but of course this moring I already made another $600 deposit and Im back to the low stakes. I feel like this is one big waste of time, but cant stop playing and dont know what to do w my free time should I stop playing. Should I keep playing, and does anyone really win in online poker w the rake and all?

  • Nathan B:

    So I started online poker again and I know I am good, but really don’t know what games to try anymore. I started with $50 and now I am down to $9. I have tried almost everything to make a profit, but don’t know what else to try. I want to make at least $50 a day. Any advice? Don’t say “you just suck, so you should quit” or “you just need to stop.” I just wanna know what I can utilize to make that money.

  • SteveO:

    I really enjoy play card games with my friends but I wouldn’t mind playing it online as well during my spare time.

    Is there any free places to play card games or poker online?
    Free poker?
    Poker Cash games?

  • Samuro:

    i understand that there are different bills going through congress to regulate and tax online poker sites. But if it becomes legal, what happens when players in the United States realize they don’t get taxed on their winnings if they play on a offshore website? So how would passing these bills do anything at all?

  • Milk84:

    I’m on a school computer so I can’t look it up in school, but does anyone know any of the cheating people do in online poker? Like actaul facts and not opionions on cheating. Like how easy it is to call your friends and talk about hands, or hack into the system. Like any ways that it is possible to cheat in online poker, and how likely it is to happen, and how often people get caught and etc. thanks.

  • Random:

    well ive been playing full tilt poker and have been having fun
    im doing a deposit soon but is their a better poker place? cause i wana put my money in the best place i hope somone will help me out

    i liv in united states just so u know cause i know their are some sites united states players cant play for money in

  • toast:

    I want to set up a bank acount in Grand Cayman to have all of my online poker winnings transfered without the U.S. Government seeing the money and taxing it. If i do this, is there anyway for the U.S. government to see the transactions and put them with my name, and interest. Will this work? Do you have a better idea to get the money somewhere untaxable so I won’t have a ton of cash in my home?

  • toast:

    When playing online poker is it useful to use pot odds?

    I’ve been playing poker palace on myspace for a while now and some of the hands that come up and don’t come up are outrageous. It seems to me that using pot odds on online poker is a waste of time.

    At least when you’re playing in reality you know there is only 52 cards in play.

  • Xbox Gamer:

    i heard that texas is going to arrest people for play online poker if so how long could they do time

  • Krazy Bob:

    I understand that while online poker is perfectly legal in most of the US, banks are forbidden from accepting transactions with online gambling sites, making it difficult for players to fund their account, and presumably stopping thousands of casual players from playing poker online.

    As a English player, this does not directly effect me, but if the law was repealed, I imagine there would be an influx of thousands of casual players who previously did not bother circumventing the restrictions, but would play if it was that that much easier to deposit and withdraw money.
    Such an influx could only be good for the game.

    So I suppose my question is whether or not there is likely to be any relaxation of the online gambling laws in the states in the near future?
    I know Stars and Fulltilt accept US players, but I would imagine many casual players are turned off the idea of online poker by the difficulty of funding an account with the current law in place.

  • Peter:

    Ok here is my story with online poker:

    I started playing poker at live casinos and online 8 years ago. I keep track of my earnings and i’m slightly over 18,000 USD at LIVE (not online) poker events within that time. However, I’ve deposited over 2,000 online and have NEVER, not once, cashed out online. I’ve witnessed things online that I never see in live play. and i witness them pretty frequently. I do not play online anymore as it just seems rigged and not worth it to me. It seems like i always start well for 2-3 days and then all goes downhill from there. I even tried this several times expecting this to happen, so i played EXTREMELY tight and managed my money well just so i wouldn’t lose it. Didn’t matter! Suckouts, (really bad ones) flushes beating trips, constant boats beating boats…even several instances of quads beating quads. Just unreal. I give it up and am sticking to LIVE poker where things seem to be fair and not so unbelievable. I played on Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet, and Pokerstars. Nothing seemed to change from sight to sight. It was ALWAYS do well for a few days and then just a huge ugly drought sucking me dry on each site. How can I consistently win playing LIVE and be soooo awful and have such bad luck online????? Hmmmmm…Ya i really wonder why lol. Any other opinions PLEASE feel free to share.

  • Matthew David:

    I have been playing online now for over a year but my balance grows very very slowly. I want to put more time in and try to make living from it so i am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how i can profit more from online poker! All answers welcome!

  • norrin_shadowwolf:

    Could anyone tell about the online poker?

  • stingerms:

    has anyone ever been convicted or arrested for playing poker online anywhere in the u.s. on sites such as poker superstars or fulltilt. or is it virtually impossible for the government to detect such activity without copying your hard drive or something

  • Rkmc:

    Im just getting into betting with Texas hold ’em and i was wondering where i could find a legit Texas hold ’em online poker site that has low buy ins considering i’m not that great yet. Thank You

  • Malcolm Hudson:

    I saw Aussie Millions on tv a few months ago and 2 internet poker players won something like $500,000 and $150,000.
    So I downloaded a really cool 3d poker game from

    Does anyone here play Online Poker and if so, do you think you’ll ever be able to win big like those guys?

  • Zanto:

    I’ve been playing stud and hold ’em online for play money and I’m interested in the possibility of playing for real. I’ve seen some websites that advertise software which allows one to see opponents cards online…and I assume the casinos have ways of preventing this type of thing by encrypting the information. (Also, if the software really worked I’d assume the developer could make more money by discreetly using it himself rather than by selling it!)

    But what I’m concerned about is the possibility of players colluding with one another as a team and communicating with each other to take advantage of one player who thinks he’s just playing with random people.

    Do the online casinos watch for signs of this type of activity (such as the same group of people always playing together, players betting on and raising to bad hands, etc.)? If a group of people is suspected of cheating, what action, if any, is taken?

  • John:

    I’ve never played poker online before, but I’m a bit curious and would like to try it out. But there seems to be at least a million different online sites I can play, and I’m a bit confiused. Any recommendations on where I should start out?

  • Disrae:

    Since the passed the law not letting us gamble online anymore I have heard of ways around this. Can anyone tell me how to do this so I can play poker online for money again?

  • Eric:

    Personally, I think that online poker is not real poker. It annoys the hell out of me. All these players that sit at their computer clicking a mouse and believing that they are poker players.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think that online poker is as valid as live poker?

  • davemc74656:

    since I believe online poker(poker stars is rigged) and live far from any casino I decide to do simulation poker so I wont get rusty, ive been going on the golden nugget website for poker since its just points, and there are free prizes if u can win them in tournaments such as gift cards, free hotel rooms, for the past week till know, I was on a streak of bad beats, such as I go all in with JJ, guy calls with 65 off suit and flops two pair, its not just me, I c others in the table experiencing such bad beats, having a pair from JJ to AA getting called by crap and get bust. Today I was in a point tournament, 3rd hand I raised, guy called, I go all in he calls and he had a set of 10’s. so is it rigged or poker software just sucks?

  • nathan:

    Live games i win with little to no problem, online i get hit so many times with bad beats, yet i keep playing in hopes luck online will turn around. anyone know why online poker feels like its rigged?

  • Matthew David:

    I have to write a 6 page paper on online poker (which is now illegal). It is argument essay, so if you all could give me your side and some views on it, that would be great!


  • wwwavid360gamercom:

    I’ve played poker for a while. I don’t however play online. I’ve only played with other people or on “play” money. I know play money is supposedly very different from real money. On Full Tilt Poker free rolls i usually end up in the top 100’s but lose when they throw one of those -one person gets a really good hand (2 pair or so) and the other gets like a set. Anyways how different is real money online poker and would i be good at it? Throw in some tips while your at it i guess.

  • Oilers:

    What laws were made or considered when banning online poker?

  • Jose B:

    What do you know about the online poker?

  • callofduty5123412:

    There seem to be so many more bad beats online than live. Is this because the sites are rigged for action, or because there are more hand played in a shorter time period online?

  • Goe122:

    are there any ways around the new legislation passed that prohibits any real money poker games for americans?

  • Milk84:

    The cards don’t seem as random as live dealt games

  • Joe T:

    ok, well I was thinking about starting to get into online poker coaching. Thus far I have only taught classes to my friends, and they have improved greatly. I looked online and found some sites but they cost around 150-250 an hour. This seems like to me it would limit them to high stakes players.

    I would like to teach some smaller stakes players, or any players really that are interested. I plan on starting out charging only 25 dollars an hour.

    My online full tilt name is DaSarge06 . If you look it up you can see I have over 17k winnings in the past 120 days. I normally teach MTT strategy and Cash Strat, but have taught Sit’n’Go before.

    If anyone is interested post here, or email me and we can get in touch. For now, Good luck at the tables!
    well, for pokercoach, I understand that I haven’t played many SnG’s. If you notice in the post I teach MTT strategy. Also I would note that I have played a decent amount of MTT’s, and know a good deal about general strategy. For more volume of SnG’s refer to Shipit05 on pokerstars. As for you saying I play 2-5 dollar buyins, I don’t quite undersrtand as I have played many 100 or higher MTT’s. Please post what you mean when you say the lower limits. TY TY good luck at the tables!
    lol at nun Y. haha, 120 days = 4 months. And anyways you can check on OPR.

  • Beavis:

    I recently discovered something with online poker while taking notes on players. I found the majority of my 10 person table were playing at least 5 tables at once. In 15 minutes of tagging them I found that upto 9 out of 10 players at most tables were multitabling. This raised an alarm with me because popular poker theory will suggest that to be a pro you have to label you oppenents and their styles, their timing, and their bet choices in respect to positioning. Only a genius could beat good poker players while playing 5-20 tables at once. I found multitabling going on like this up to the highest stakes.

    Colluding is supposed to be monitored by the game site but if people colluded around the world it couldn’t be possible to prove. And why would the game site want to shut down a behavior that pays them a rake. A seperate but same party could setup the colluding aspect making 9 bots for every 1 human. And the game site wouldn’t care because they aren’t doing anything illegal. They pay 300,000 easy for a bad beat so obviously this is a millions and billion dollar industry.

    All someone has to do is set up people (or programs) around the world to play and share info from there hands to get the edge to win without reading the oppenents play. And there are no police to go to because its an international issue. One company or group could own all the sites and steal billions. Like a filter that steals loose change.

    Am I just being paranoid, or is this a huge criminal act?

    Can I play online poker with out being cheated

  • easton j:

    please take a look at our online poker site at

    Can you please tell me if you thnink its appealing and if youd enjoy playing on it. and also if you have any advertising and marketing ideas, please feel free to share them because we are looking to expand

  • Courtney:

    I have searched on the web to try and figure it out but I can’t seem to get a straight answer, I just want to know if it is Legal to play online poker (real money) if you live in the US. I heard the a law was passed in the US to stop online gambling but as far as what I have read up on its not, this is all confusing to me. I am specifically talking about sites like PokerStars and FullTilt poker, if it is illegal how do these sites still offer real money play? I do live in the US and would like to play “real money” games on FullTilt or Pokerstars and I have looked at both their websites and they don’t say anything about it being illegal but a friend of mine told me “They made it illegal for anyone in the US to play online poker for real money, if you do you will get caught and put in jail”. Someone please tell me a straight answer to this Question I would appreciate it.

  • mendhak:

    does anyone have an opinion on the subject if ONLINE POKER STES ARE RIGGED? I have been playing online for a year or so and I have concluded that the poker site (s) are somewhat rigged ..Would someone please answer this question..thankyou so much MJ
    can anyone suggest an online poker site they feel is fair? thankyou again,MJ

  • Maggie:

    I have been playing poker online for a while now, and I swear the company that offers online poker employ people to play poker against you around the clock. Every time I login I think they are sending me to a network of other players that are there employees. And they are controlling who you play against.

    They employ a lot of people and pay them an hourly rate, then those people play poker against outsiders (sometimes they will play 13 games at once, at 13 different tables), and someone else is paid to regulate the outsiders playing there employees never other outsiders, only on occasions and when requested.

    And when you sit at a table to play, you are playing against 5 other players. but really they are one, The Owner/Owners of the site. You know what I’m saying?

    Does anybody else get this feeling?

    Is it possible for them to do that? would it be worth there time?

  • D3ZZY:

    Tell me some of the portals and forums that are used for the poker game….

  • BRUTE:

    I know pokerstars will still let you are there any others? I have heard about someone getting paid to play poker, has anyone else heard of this?

  • Dark_LovexXx:

    Is it ILLEGAL to play poker Online for REAL Cash Prizes in Minnesota, U.S.A.?

  • che-che:

    I know a lot was talked about eleven months ago, but what about now? Is it legal/easy for American players to deposit money into an online poker site, as well as get it back out? What are some of the better money transfer programs/sites?

  • Alun J:

    I had so much experience from pokerstarz and there bad beats, Im worried about poker bots and multi account players. Anything you got bad beats or opinoins post it yo kp.

  • Orbit:

    and dont tell me its not
    Why because i have never see four of a kind in 60 hands 3 times to be honest i play in a off line comp 3 times a week and i don’t ever see that maybe ones out of 80 people playing i think it smells fishy I’m not a bad loser i just think its amazing how that happens always only online even when you are watching espn that doesn’t happen with the pro’s
    has any one relly read what im trying to say why do crazy hand happen more on online poker!!!!!!!!!!!!!turn river river
    im not a bed loser an i can take!!!!!!!!! i watch my friand’s play im not that dud to play with my own money so i guess whan all the people who have side its not will be more then happy to join my poker site when i start one oh an some poeple say why would they wont just 20cent to rigge it 20cent over 25 000 people a day add it over a year

  • ibjammin44:

    What about the admission of the Absolute programmer who admitted he had a poker bot to see all hole cards? What is going on here with the emphatic no’s? Hiding something people? I understand probability and hands per hour and the likelihood of bad beats, I am talking about the actual admission.

  • Samuro:

    I’ve heard that some of these, like “” are rigged…they get handicaps to players who aren’t good by giving others really really good hands, but giving these bad players even better hands with 3+ runners….

    Are there any *good* Texas Hold ’em sites? As in, NOT rigged? Free to play obviously. All I have right now is playing Full House Poker on the Xbox Live arcade, and that’s been really easy for me.

  • Courtney:

    I see way to many weird things happen. It happens to often. don’t give any random card shuffle bs. What I see in 100 hands would take a life time of live play to see. I see it happen every day. Its against all odds to see all the miracle draws that happen in such a short amount of hands. It happens consistently.

  • sean:

    i’ve been playing on one for some time, and i notice some people quickly get alot of money, and when i face one of these “high risers” the cards always seem to favor them. i was thinking maybe it was because maybe they’ve spent more money, have a higher status (ie silver, gold, platinum), or something like that. i’ve seen other players talking about this so called conspiracy, but maybe their just mad because they’re losing. any body know what i’m talking about?

  • Ramblin Spirit:

    For every $200 dollars I win at a live table; I seem to loose $100 online. Unfortunately, I can’t stop because it’s so addicting. Can anyone recommend a site that seems to lend itself to less “sucks-outs,” because sometimes I feel like the best hand never wins on some of the more popular sites.

  • Victoria T:

    I’m pretty sure that Full Tilt is rigged. I’ve never had so many set up hands in my life and people never miss draws on me or lose coin flips.. it’s insane to say the least! Are there any other good sites out there that aren’t rigged? Thanks in advance!

  • lets roll:

    And I’m not talking about just bad beats. Ever get the feeling that the cyber-dealer only deals the good stuff to certain players? Or he won’t even give you an ace after two hours of play? Things like that that makes you think if playing poker online really is legitimate.

  • Bryant B:

    I play at pokerstars using their software, i seem to have alot of bad beats, just now i had top pair 10’s and only 1 spade on flop, i push all in and the person calls and catches a flush last two cards, also recently i complained to pokerstars as i played a cash game, lost 3 times within 1 hour of playing against the same hand (AA) 3 times and I also was paired with pocket pair, first i had KK, second time i lost with JJ, third time i lost on 10 10 pre-flop all in $10 in 25c/50c blinds texas hold’em no limit cash games, why is their bad beats like this after winning a tournament which i came 4th and won $30 before all this, and “surprise surprise” after that win, i lose after against all this stuff mentioned above, can someone help explain?

  • Roflcopter:

    Is PokerStars rigged? There is a rumor going around that it is…and i want to know. Thanks!

  • sick_mick_101:

    Do you think , the only site I play poker at, is rigged ? There;’s something not right about the random numbers generator and seemed like certain players know the cards I had and many times, players have the same cards , etc.
    Does anyone else agree with me ?

  • Brian:

    what are your views how can we stop this bs getting ripped off etc
    not just the bad beats etc but you know when huighest stack getting paid for a bad hand as these tourneys on a limited timer to make them more money which no competetion with 10000 or 1000 members should finish within 5 min of each other

  • nick s:

    I’m pretty convinced that Zynga poker is rigger, although i play actual poker sites now i was curious to see if it actually is.

    I found a thread from a previous Zynga game engineer saying the hands are pre-planned scenarios.

    Before anyone says “why would a free poker site be rigged?”, true, it is free but there is the option of buying play chips and not to mention the ads (especially for their other games). I Just wanted to hear if anyone else has experienced “dramatic hands” so they say because I’ve been playing real poker and online poker for years and i can say the hand scenarios i see on Zynga on a regular basis are pretty rare in real life.

  • Kevin:

    How many times do you go all in with 4-5 people all having great hands or great chasing hands only for the worst hand to win 9 of 10 times. I have gone all in with the best hand and lost 85 percent of the time more then I can fathom. The only time you do when is when you are behind and get lucky. I’m not venting but I would never endorse this scam sites regardless of the money they paid. Its been proven time and time again this sites are not legit. I just want to open a discussion with people who care about poker. I make money online but its not much. Thanks

  • Lachlan:

    okay I understand this question is all over the internet. but….it just seems toooo fishy to me. I’ve seen and played many online hands and there are soooo many bad beats but thats not all. I often see AA KK QQ in the same hand, or for instance K9 vs K8 and of course a king hits the flop…tons of 2 and 3 outters caught on the river..huge hands beating other huge hands..and I even saw someone hit trip aces on the flop, he went all in, was called by 99 not trip nines, just 99 and hit 9 on turn and 9 on the river! honestly??? Plus i just logged into lock poker and saw like 100 different players sitting at heads up tables by themselves waiting for others to join…why not join a table where there is someone already sitting and PLAY? there are tons of options…are these players playing for the site and don’t wanna play others playing for the site??? Why would they do that?

    Thoughts on online poker being rigged?

    Also, just a thought but i’ve cashed out approximately $16,000 in live winnings in my life. I know thats not a lot but you know how much i’ve cashed out online?…0! Just seems odd….
    ok fine..maybe not rigged but you’re right. It SURE IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT GAME! Action flops, set up hands, etc…. It just isn’t real poker if you ask me. Like you said. Its a whole different game. Its like a rigged poker game where they purposely want the odds to be equal no matter what the skill level.

  • Moore, Ron:

    it has been my experience that they are rigged in one way or another…

  • opurt:

    i have just been playing a SNG and in each of the last four hands someone has had pocket aces.

    What are the chances of this???

    could you please help me and say this a freak nature or does this happen regular.

    As well as this i have seen adertisements saying they hae crack the random number generator, is this true???

  • Mak Sultan:


  • Seth:

    My strategy is to play tighter than normal. I mean alot tighter. Sometimes laying down top 2 pair. The other day I held A-Qo, raised preflop with 2 callers. Flop A-J-Q. So I bet to protect against the straight and the 2 called. And lo and behold the turn was a 10. I have fallen victim to this shceme many of time in the online poker world. So I checked and one guy bet the other called, so I folded, rive was a 4 and the two went all in and sure enough a preflop caller with the all mighty pocket K-2o was the winner with the straight, the other guy had 7-7(?) Some other hands I lost to that night was 3-9c when I had Q-Q, lost to a flush that hand, my 6-6 lost to 7-6h to a flush, and another Q-Q lost to 9-9. In all these hands I raised pre flop and the person went all in, each time they were short stacked. When I became short stacked and about to be blinded out I pick up K-K. went all in, 2 callers. Flop 8-8-Q. One bet and the other folded. He shows K-Q. Turn 8, and river (I’ll give yall one geuss) the last 8 in the deck for the split pot. All these came in a $33 buy in with $15,000 guarenteed. I thought maybe the level of play would be better but I forgot the same RNG is the same no matter what level. Maybe I should tighten it up even more and hope to flop a royal flush. that seems like they only sure way to win online.
    I really dont think on line sites are rigged it was just to catch readers eyes and comment. I have been playing poker for 8 years and I understand the variences that come with the came. If I lose I lose. Its just the way it happens sometimes. This was just one instance where it happened over and over.

  • Spider Pc:

    I have been playing online poker for a while and i have seen some of the most horrific beats possible, four of a kind beating full house, full house over full house, straights over straights, flush over straight, or better flush, try to say something logical that will help me out, and i also want to know a site that isnt rigged

  • mendhak:

    When i am live i win tournements but online it seems rigged and rarely can i win.

  • musicistabest:

    ive tried like every poker site imaginable and i feel like some of them are rigged to make the site more money. for example, they give u great cards so u have a better chance of winning and then after u win a few, u start playing more and then u loose a ton which in turn makes u by in again and the whole thing starts over agin!!

    anyone again? THE bad beATS ive seen are ridiculous, esp on FULL TILT.

    opinion, advice?

  • Jonny:

    I have signed up on both FullTiltPoker and Pokerstars and on both sites I’ve gone to texas hold’em tables and went all-in every hand and have not won a single hand on showdown. I have lost 10$ of real money as well as valuable time. Now I conclude that online poker is rigged and everyone should avoid these two and any other online poker site.

    What do you guys think?
    I’ve played a lot of poker in real life so I’m not new to the world of gambling.

  • arronwrath:

    I’ve been browsing through the internet and have found numerous sites that claim that online poker is rigged. They give many different reasons to why it is rigged and show evidence of it. I.e The absolute poker scandal.

    Can anyone clarify if there has been any blatent rigging?

  • Krazy Bob:

    I was thinking that there’s no real way of knowing if online poker (e.g. – Partypoker, Pokerstars, etc.) is rigged, is there?

    I mean, it’s a computer after all that’s dealing the game and so it could in theory be programmed to like not give good cards to someone that is winning a lot or something like that.

    I do enjoy playing online poker, but is it safe – meaning, is it fair???

  • homerliveshere:

    i think yes

    i play at most one small sit n go at carbon poker per day

    last week i lost my big stack to the biggest stack who called my all in KK with 9 10 off suit!

    todays loss was not quite that bad. but i often lost with my best hand of the day:

    Starting Hand #15784136-33
    cdmuir1 is the Dealer
    Shuffling Cards
    terrygo Posted Small Blind 75
    tblack0586 Posted Big Blind 150
    Dealing Cards
    You Were Dealt (7d, 6d)
    cdmuir1 Raised to 300
    terrygo Calls 225
    tblack0586 Folds
    Dealing Flop (4c,Th,8d)
    terrygo Checks
    cdmuir1 Checks
    Dealing Turn (Kh)
    terrygo Bets 150
    cdmuir1 Calls 150
    Dealing River (9d)
    terrygo Bets 750
    cdmuir1 All In
    terrygo Calls 1,905
    cdmuir1 Shows (Jh, Qh)
    terrygo Shows (7d, 6d) ————– > > low straight
    cdmuir1 Wins 6,360 from Pot 1 with : King High Straight

    another one last week:

    Starting Hand #15708060-36
    terrygo is the Dealer
    Shuffling Cards
    lordofgrav Posted Small Blind 50
    Broncosfan7 Posted Big Blind 100
    Dealing Cards
    You Were Dealt (8c, 3c)
    Cobinosh Folds
    terrygo Raised to 200
    lordofgrav Calls 150
    Broncosfan7 Folds
    Dealing Flop (3h,6h,3s)
    lordofgrav Bets 200
    terrygo Calls 200
    Dealing Turn (Qh)
    lordofgrav Bets 400
    terrygo All In
    lordofgrav All In
    terrygo Shows (8c, 3c)
    lordofgrav Shows (6s, 6c)
    Dealing River (Qc)
    terrygo Wins 932 from Pot 2 with : Full House – Threes over Queens
    lordofgrav Wins 3,150 from Pot 1 with : Full House – Sixes over Queens

  • maskills24:

    I was playing in a big cash game on pokerstars and i had an AA and after putting my opponent on a hand i figured he had QQ. We see a flop it comes up 7-A-J he pushes all in I call instantly. He shows JJ so im in a great spot. next card is 5 and the river is J. Giving him quads. Im out a 1,000 in a single hand. Normally i wouldnt complain but It seems like after I win a tournament than Pokerstars is out to get you. Am I just paranoid?

  • Erfan:

    I have tried Party Poker and I have the worst luck no matter how well I play it seems i get beat out to idiots with garbage!!!! They call with anything and win and that is my point it’s frustating!

  • lildevilgurl152004:

    i hear allot of debates and pros and cons about online poker is rigged or not i think it is.But if it is genuine who governs it to make sure everything is up to scratch i mean i played on full tilt for a year and the amount of picture cards that always come out is unbelievable then i went to 888 and seems more like realistic except same thing so many aces on the flop turn or river so if it is actually genuine were is the proof???

  • Clayton Cottrell:

    Why don’t sites like pokerstars ever get investigated?

  • xiM Clutch:

    just wonder what people think.

  • Andre:

    Hi all, I been playing poker for 4 months. The first month , I barely could make my deposit, the 2nd just could make my deposit, the 3 wasn´t going to bad but and make a small profit.

    The real thing started on the 4 month when I started to make my bankroll and made $2k in 15 days.

    I just felt invincible winning all days; until the worst happen. I lost it all on a saturday (just took 3 hours) with the most ridicolous hands and terrible bad beats. I know it was stupid, everbody told me to cash out but now it too late for regrets.( At least took out my $50 deposit).

    Then frustaded, try to make it again and got to $400 in 4 days and then another bad beat of $250 to $0 in bankroll. Feels like they don´t want me to go any higher.

    I recorded my winning and stats all this time. In the last 15 days have change my style and become more conservative, and the winning rates has decreased in a noticeble amount , tough the margin of losses has been decreased too. But no progress at all.WIN & LOOSE

    My point is the following?

    1. Since I was more aggressive before I recorded more winnings per session.

    2. By history I always loose on 2 specific days on the week.

    3. Notice certain patterns of bad beats. That repeat.I called them hanging hands becuase you know they are good and just need one card more, and you keep calling.Or the terrible bad beats that are not even possible statistically speaking.

    Have any experienced this factors?
    How have you dealt with them?
    Any advice?
    What does this means “cash-in and cash-out at the correct time”?


  • Keegan:

    I am a very good player and i want to make a living off online poker but i’ve noticed in live poker i get alot less monsters, and get sucked out on alot less, the other day i lost to a better flush, then turned around and loss to a better full house? is this really unlucky or something else? i love poker and i really want to make a living offline but if its rigged i want to get away from online. any suggestions help

  • Derek:

    I have been playing on Full Tilt Poker and I feel there is something fishy about the way the cards come out.

    I do not play for real money so it makes no difference but here is what I noticed:

    A player with a lot more chips than the others at a table gets much better cards and hits more often than the low stack players. Ever wondered why the guy with all the chips takes out your pocket Aces with low straight every time?

    This happens time and time again.

    I try and sit in a room with stacks closer to the maximum buy in and wait until I get a winning hand to build up my stack.

    Once I have at least twice what the next highest stack has the hands just start coming. I have done this time and time again. If you don’t believe me just try it. You still have to play smart though, you don’t automatically win, but you have a LOT more chance with the highest stack.

    Anyone else notice this?

    Oh and by the way I have nearly a million in play chips in a short time from doing this and I am not a lucky person.

    Maybe you are right or maybe they are trying to encourage players like me to play games for real money. They are in Costa Rica and don’t come under our licensing laws.

  • John G:

    I’ve looked all over the web to see if online poker is straight-up or not. I’ve been on a few forums and there are just lots of trolls.

    What I’m after is real hard facts (either way) – not just opinions or hypothetical arguments as to why it should or shouldn’t be rigged – but studies or tests that have been done.

  • Gamer959:

    i have played a lot of poker now and just think there is something wrong.these are my last few hands.i had pocket aa i re raise someone,he goes all in with a 9 and gets a flush.aa again i get called with 10 j a jack on turn does me 2 next hand ak suited get called with a 10 he gets 10,aq i get called with aj he gets a jack these were all games after each other.

  • nasty1:

    i dont think it is, but this guys answer (Best Answer) does make you think. I like his point about rake and creating big pots to benefit the owners. what do you think?;_ylt=AiKbyybi6YxMiLfRQIbzQ3QjzKIX?qid=20070413025808AAjgbC0

    forgot to add the link!
    earth wind poker – shut up you tw@t

    just because i called you an idiot for asking the dumbest question ever.

    “do you think pro poker players fly first class?”

    haha, what an ass

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x:

    Ok, i just played full tilt… i lost 100 within 25 min… i think that they have players sitting there that play and know what cards come up… what do you ppl say?

  • ademuth93:

    do u know any on line sites that let me know how they are checked to see that they are not cheating and stacking the deck

  • Jermaine J:

    I recently made a deposit on Full Tilt and have been playing micro limit hold em as well as small 2 dollar buy in tournaments.

    I’m a decent enough player who tries his best to only play premium hands. Problem is, I am regularly getting beat while holding hands like pocket aces,AK,KKs,QQs etc.. and the beats are just crazy, I’m loosing to hands like 4 of a kind,straight flushes often so that when I make what I perceive to be a great hand,some idiot who played total trash is check raising me with the nuts…

    I play low limits in the Atlantic City and at Foxwoods and have had good success beating the 2-4 and 4-8 limit games but online I can barely if at all beat a 10 cent 20 cent game….

    What gives, am I playing against bots? is the deck be electronically loaded against me ? Online poker rooms are not based in the US,so I think fair play is a fair question since I suspect their is no equivalent to the casino control commision to regulate and insure fair play…

    Am I wrong ?

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