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Poker onlineThis is the ages of gambling online. It just takes just a couple clicks of your mouse along with a little luck to earn hundreds and maybe thousands in cash prizes. On-line poker rooms can manage to keep your overhead low by turning most things virtual. The truth is, within an actual brick-and-mortar casino, there are many different forms of costs involved, such as buying a gambling license, hiring dealers and pit bosses, make payment on electric bills, make payment on taxes and so on. Having an internet casino, such issues hardly any thing. As a result, online casino owners keep offering exciting rewards and incentives to the playing members from time to time to be return to their casinos over and over.

One incentive scheme is what is known as the rakeback. A rakeback essentially involves giving players an opportunity to receive a number of their rake or room charge that keeps accumulating every time they play with a table online. Without all the usual expenses of a physical poker network, on-line poker rooms are able to supply just as much as Fifty percent of each player’s rake back. You can easily see why is Poker Rakeback this type of hot idea with cyber-gamblers. Big time online players really can strike gold having a poker rakeback. Some players generate millions of rake each month, and achieving back a portion of that rake leads to an excellent sum. Small-time players or perhaps the casual gambler is probably not able to reap the total benefits of a rakeback, but sometimes still can get back a couple of $ 100 each month.

For poker fans everywhere, Everest is not an unknown name. This poker room is frequented by some of the most useful poker players from all of around. What needs made things all the more interesting for Everst fans is they is now able to enjoy the possibility to earn huge rakebacks. Everest Rakeback is what everybody’s discussing online and offline now.

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  • Cliffy N:

    I’m searching for a multiplayer poker. I prefer a web base game but if you have a installed poker, it will be fine. On the french version of, they told me everest can do all this but it is full of spyware.

    I need to make private room and all this for free.

    Thanks for the link.

  • Nick:

    A simple question: does it ever rain on Mt. Everest?
    I only ask this because I checked an everest expedition site earlier; they were at advanced base camp and the temperature was 45 F.

  • Caltel T:

    Poker bonus.Many poker sites offer huge sign up poker bonuses but i,m new to poker and i dont know where to play poker.Is it possible to get no deposit poker bonus?If yes-where?Best poker sign up bonus-50$ free no deposit.I dont belive in it.Is it possble to get poker no deposit bonus?Where?
    Thx for answer

  • Keaton:

    What software should I use? Which one is better?

  • dealy:

    I have tried everywhere, PArty Poker never offered rakeback. All other rooms like of Fulltillt, Pokerstars, Everest seems to offer rakeback. But Party Never seems to do it. I dont know why. I could only find bit info in google. This site says they do

    But can’t find any info in the big poker sites, the likes of Pokerlistings etc.

    I really want to claim my lost rakes ๐Ÿ™

  • Anny:

    I just want to learn how to play the game better. I only want to steal money from my friends and strangers at the casino.

  • Marlon P:


    888 / Pacific
    Absolute Poker
    Bet 365
    Cake Poker
    Carbon Poker
    Doyle’s Room
    Everest Poker
    Full Tilt Poker
    Paddy Power
    Party Poker
    Poker on Facebook
    Spade Club
    Sports Book
    Sky Poker
    Svenska Spel
    Titan Poker
    Ultimate Bet
    William Hill

  • Cupcakerum:

    I’ve been researching rakeback sites and I can’t seem to find a difference between too many of them. I just want to make sure I sign up with one that is reliable, works will Full Tilt Poker flawlessly, and gives rakeback for every tournament paid into, every pot played into, and for rush poker. I just want to make sure I won’t regret my choice two weeks down the road so I’m looking for a little help from the community. Thanks!
    Also taking into consideration this is now the year of 2011 and many sites still state benefits for 2010 and such, just an extra tid bit of information.

  • RxP DarkBox:

    im looking for freerolls that dont require a deposit to play the freerolls. i already have full tilt, vegas 24-7, century . and everest. and preferably not rooms like pokerstars that you gotta be lighting fast to get registered…

  • TommyKay:

    I know it seems nuts but I think these sites are rigged. I build a huge bankroll and then lose it all. I do not do much different but I just seem to suffer way more bad beats when I have alot of cash in my account. Can anyone advise of a site that they have had not so many bad beats?

  • PoohBearPenguin:

    What are odds that you will die while climbing Mt. Everest?

  • Terrence:

    I’m looking for a texas hold’em site that is free, preferably no download. There should be a chip counter, where you can gain chips by playing in game, kinda like vitual money…any sites you know?

  • Taylor G:

    what is the best with LOW bad beats, i play fulltilt and like it but it does seem alot of bad beats come up,, not saying i lose, i also win on hands that i should of lost, i just want the most realistic, thanks
    cant play party poker im from america, however i have played it for fun and it is really good

  • Brian:

    I heard that you can get up to 27% rakeback for your LIFETIME career… depending on your first deposit… which i haven’t made yet…

    Is this true?

    How does it work?

    And how does this rakeback company make any money by paying people’s LIFETIME rakeback every week?

    I went to the website to check it out and it said to enter bonus code: rakecom…

    I’ve made an account already… but never deposited before… will i still get it?
    I’ve been looking around and people are saying join rakebackpros…

    I also have another question do i need to deposit to get rakeback?

    I’ve earned over $200 starting from 0 do i need to deposit to get rakeback?

  • davemc74656:

    The ringing of alarm clock wakes me up . I stumble through the hall while faintly hearing the speakers in my sons room . No wonder he is up so early , drinking coffee at 1 am never is a good idea . Young man , old man doesn’t matter , life takes a toll on all of us . Reaching to the kitchen in one piece is an accomplishment of its own for my old bones creak like an old boat and kicking the bucket at this age might seem unlikely , but once your hair turns gray and white your life goes from an endless joy ride to a ticking bomb . As I turn the pot on for my morning coffee I sit on the sofa and switch on to the news . At first me and my son used to have arguements on weather to watch cartoons or the news but now it seems different . Our arguements consist of him wanting to watch the news and me wanting to watch the cooking channel . Yes the host is beautiful and no I do not watch it for the cooking . Lighting up my cigarette I pour my self a cup of coffee and resume my previous position . I take a sip while the sweetness of it crashes in my gums and the hot coffee washes my throat .

    My son constantly nagging about my smoking habits has gotten old so I quickly smoke before he starts again . First my parents , then my doctors and now my son , are they all paranormal and catch me at the precise moment or am I just plain unlucky ? One always wonders . As my son walks out the room , he says good morning and pours a cup for himself and sits next to me . I have never been a man of many words and as they say , like father like son . We usually silently watch the tv till one of us cracks a sex joke to break the ice , or should I say the damn Mount Everest itself . Passing the time with poker , jokes and fruitless discussions has been our way for many years and I don’t think that I am ready to stop

  • Adam:

    Hold Em
    Omaha Hi Lo
    Seven Card Stud
    Stud Hi Lo
    2-7 Draw Lowball
    5 Card Draw

    Bonus Question: What are your top three favorite poker games?

    1. Hold Em (no limit)
    2. Stud Hi Lo
    3. Seven Card Stud

  • _marky_mark_:

    ie. the ‘affiliates’ who offer the rakeback to players, what cut do they take. it must be a lot. it must be a goldmine. how much can they make off an ‘average player’?

  • Taylor2k:

    who discover the mount everest first in the world?

  • Keegan:

    I have to do a project for science and we have to list the characteristics of mount Everest. I don’t really understand what the characteristics would be? Any examples? Thanks

  • homerliveshere:

    i’m 15 years old, in pretty good shape, and female. what i want to know is how can i make this dream come true. what do i need to do and pay in order to get on an everest team or whatever?

  • nick s:

    Does anyone know if Party Poker Offering Rakeback? I have tried all the Rakeback sites and couldnt find any info for Party Poker. Would be greatfull if you can point me.


  • Sahil:

    Is this the only casino in Shreveport that has poker?

  • joevsyou:

    Any online poker site!

  • Blake:

    when i wanted to play online poker for real money it says theres a new legislation against it saying no deposites or wagers from u.s. players. do you have any ideas when this will be cleared up?

  • JackReynolds:

    How does rakeback work?

  • Scott Bull:

    well im doing a deposit on fulltilt poker soon and i keep hearing things about rakeback sites are they scams if not wich ones are safe and wat do they do

    also about fulltilts upto 600$ 100% bonus on first deposit do you have to enter a referal a signup or is that a scam or do u have to click a special banner or sumthing or is it offered to all members their first deposit no matter what? hope someone helps pleaseee

  • Motordom:

    I have several friends and my manager where I work have their degrees from Everest,I want to know from you guys your comments. I already have my associates in criminal justice from a community college I could have went to FIU,FAU,St. Thomas University,etc but, I really don’t want to. Due to the fact I’m looking for something small,close-knit,and where I can be on an accelerated pace. My friends like the atmosphere and the courses. My manager recieved her BA as well as her MBA from their so I was like whoa they must be pretty good. I did ask this question before but it was mostly people from TX,CA,MO,etc. Also mostly were doing a dipIoma program, I really don’t want information about that because that does not apply to me. I want more information about the bachelors programs from past/current students in FL particularly the Pompano Beach campus. Thanks guys.

  • Mackenzie P:

    Can anyone tell me about Rakebacks? I play on fulltilt,and usually smal stakes, I deposited around $20 and now i have around $35. I heard something about Rakebacks (I have no clue about rakebacks). How do i do it?? and how much will it cost me? and Is it good for me to sign in for some of these rakebacks online with the amount of monry i am playing?? Would be grateful if detailed answers can be provided.

  • Jason M:

    I’m currently in Shanghai but I want to do some travelling in January. Has anybody travelled down to Everest from Shanghai. I’m looking to keep my costs down so I wouldn’t mind taking a mammoth train journey. Any advice?

  • brincks26:

    I signed up for a full tilt account a few days ago and deposited $600 which gives me the same amount as a sign up bonus to be unlocked, I got a rakeback account as well, I read on some forum that the sign up bonus comes out the rakeback, according to the affiliate website I have so far made $34 in rakeback this week, will I not get any rakeback until the bonus clears? I am confused? If I spent full tilt points on satelites would this come out of my rakeback?

  • mavis24:

    How many times would you have to walk up & down Mount Snowdon in Wales to match walking up Mount Everest?
    Cheers Guys & Gals!!

  • forahobby:

    If someone were to snowboard down Everest or down a big part of it, would they feel the same effect as going up too fast from diving? like how you have to let out a little air at certain intervals. or could you just bomb it all the way down and be the biggest bada$$ in the world??

  • Bryan J:

    Hey I just wanted to say I really did receive the money promised back from a rakeback site called

    I used Absolute Poker and I got some back, does anyone else do this with other sites? The site I used was

    Does PartyPoker do this?

  • Samuro:

    I open a few account online poker without knowing about poker rakeback until recently i just found out, anyways which site is the best site for a poker rakeback that I can sign up and register and how is it work? Is my bonus or my account going affect because of this and is there any hidden fees that I should be aware of? Anyone that use a rakeback program please help me with this answer, thank you so much for your time and effort. Again thank you!

  • Con Orpe:

    im doing a deposit on fulltilt poker soon and i found out about rakeback and i wanted to get the most money i can whats the best site to get it from i know like all of them offer 27% but what about the other rewards that site offers i want it for fulltilt tho
    and i want the best 1 i only want to remake my fulltilt account once. cause i can only think of so many screennames

  • happyha31:

    Can anybody tell me the latest carbok poker bonus code or somthing better? I’m going to deposit for the first time.

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x:

    I’m looking for a rake back site with a lot of variety and overall good layout and timely payments. Whats the best site out there?

  • Mark M:

    Want to have poker on my computer and not go online.

  • Melanie:

    I’m looking for a rake back site with a lot of variety and overall good layout and timely payments. Whats the best site out there?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag:

    I just had an awesome idea what if we got a ton of veterans all of which have been wounded in war or mentally disturbed and got them to climb Everest in the name of peace in the middle east….here’s the problem I’m 14 and don’t have the 3,000,000 dollars necessary to fund it if you are willing to start a group for it and find sponsors please email me at anything is possible!!!

  • Stevalicious:

    What would it be like to climb Mount Everest? Any ideas?


    The other day I was playing Online Poker and some players were talking about rakeback. Is there anything I should know about it? They were saying they were getting some sort of commission from the players they referred. Any details anyone?

  • Superman:

    I want to become an rn and I was gonna go to my community college but all the classes are full, so I was considering of going too everest but im concer about the cost, and if they have a good program for nursing? Please help

  • Mr SoLo DoLo:


    I am going to sign-up for a poker site that offers rakeback. What site is a good site to sign-up with in order to get the rakeback? They all seem to offer a consistent 27% at a lot of the online poker rooms. But what is important is that I want to pick the most-reliable, reputable long-standing rakeback provider, as I have heard some people keep them open only for a short-time and then close quickly while still keeping your rakes….

    So, what are the most trustable rakebake providers? What are your experiences with them…. How do they pay you? Straight to your bank? Or other methods like paypal, neteller .etc?

    Thank you,
    Woa 40% on BetFair, nice.

    Is raceback included in Tournements and Sit & Go’s. I play mostly these.

  • jdfan:

    Texas hold em poker?
    Texas hold em poker????
    who is the last person? and does he have to call to see flop/turn/river/showdown

  • Dr Hank:

    i saw that on online poker ranking website and i dont know what it means

  • musicistabest:

    I’ve always played at sites where you can join a rakeback affiliate. I know that Party has some built in system but is it as good as a rakeback affiliate?

  • RuMKilleR:

    I want to play at Carbon Poker and Cake Poker. I would like to have the rake back. Which affiliate site is a legit one?

    I don’t want to waste my time with a fake one and then sign up and miss out on the rake back program, and can’t re-register…


  • Jeffery Carlson:

    Just wondering if this site offers rakeback? I’ve seen some people talk about getting rakeback here but their support says it’s not offered. Thanks.

  • Orbit:

    I know I’m way behind here, but I’m wondering the best poker sites that accept US players, and how to go about making deposits to them. I used to play at InterPoker, Full Tilt, and PokerStars but withdrew all my money after the Gambling laws went into effect. Can you just resubmit deposits as you would beforehand? How do deposits/withdrawals work these days? I got an Email from Interpoker stating they would no longer accept US players. Is that the case for the other two?

    Also, any good rakeback sites would be appriciated as well. Thanks.
    Also, I previously used FirePay to make deposits and withdrawals. Is that still a viable option? Is NetTeller better? Anything else? Thanks again.

  • clntvrrt:

    I was trying to find out if fulltilt poker is cool to play on and this is one of the answers;

    “No because they wouldn’t give me rakeback on my account”

    What does he mean by that?

  • SKATEskum:

    I have a account with full tilt poker, but I haven’t played with real money yet. However, I heard they offer rakeback to the player. Does everyone get the automatically when they play with real money, or do you need to sign up for it somehow or do only new users who sign up get it or what?

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    I would like to climb Everest in a year or too. I am phisically fit and have great speed, endurance and strength, I can pay for it, however I’ve reached a problem, I live in central Florida, it is relatively flat and has no mountains except sugarloaf which is really just a big hill, How would I go about training for such a feat.
    Also what excersizes should I do?

  • Jeff:

    Mount Everest (8848 meters high) is the highest Peak in the world.
    Nepal also has Mt. Kanchenjunga, 3rd highest peak in the world.
    Nepal has 8 highest peaks in the world out of 10 highest Peaks in the world.
    Nepal is a country where Buddha was born.
    Nepal is the oldest country in Asia formed on 21 December 1768 much before India and China.
    Ancient Nepal existed 3000 years ago!
    10 minutes ago

    Nepal (and Bhutan) are the countries in the world which were never invaded by any foreigners or British rulers!!

    Nepal was Never a colony! So, no Independence day for Nepal.

    Nepal was always Independent country. Amazing!!

    Nepal has the highest Peak in the world, Mt. Everest.

    Nepal has top eight out of 10 world’s highest Peaks.

    Nepal is the only country in the world with Bi-triangular shaped national flag!

  • kerrin marz:

    I want to get rakeback on fulltilt poker, but I know I cant have multiple accounts under my name. I asked my friend and he has agreed to let me use his name and address for my new account. I would be playing on the computer i have always played on, so same ip I assume. But The account would have a his address and name and technically belong to him. Cashouts would go to him and he would just pay me. Btw I also never intend to transfer funds between accounts or collude. I want to abandon my current 1 n get this rakeback. From my eyes this should be allowed, after all my friend could be ‘living’ in my basement temporarily and using my computer.

    What are your thoughts on this is it allowed? Well I know your not allowed to pretend to be someone else but can it work.

    note: id deposit funds via visa gift card so my credit card wont be linked to both accounts.

  • jordenkotor:

    I have an existing UB account and i only just realized that they do not offer rakeback. Is there a way to get it through using absolute poker which is the same site? Am i even allowed to have a UB account and an AP account?

  • Only Business:

    You are on top of Everest, in front of you is Newtonโ€™s cannon. How fast (in metres per second) would you have to fire a 1.96 kg laptop so that it orbited the Earth and returned to you?
    (During your calculations round to three decimal places. When answering, round up to a whole number.)
    Hint 1: You’ll need to know the value of Newtonโ€™s Constant (in metres per second)
    Hint 2: Youโ€™ll also need to know the mass of the earth in kilograms.

  • skillz:

    When playing online poker, how is it that people can break even or make a small profit playing small games? Is there a strategy?

    Playing the 0.01/0.02 or 0.05/0.10 etc..

  • Joey 01:

    Hello, I am currently going to school at Everest college phoenix for criminal investigations and I want to graduate sooner buy taking online classes but I have never done online classes before. I’m a little scared but I would like to know if anyone has done them at ECP online, and if they are really worth it?
    why are you guys saying its so bad? why don’t employers like Everest? I feel like I am getting a good education. I am just getting my associate degree there and than going to a university.

  • kerrin marz:

    Hello what is rakeback when talking about online poker? I just opened a Full Tilt account a week ago do I have rakeback?How do I find if I have it or not?If I don’t have it how do I get it?

  • Gamer959:

    I’m going to do a lesson tomorrow on Mt. Everest and I’m just looking toget accurate information for my students.
    1. Does anyone have a good list of equipment necessary to climb Everest?
    2. Training. What kind of prep does it take before you are ready?
    3.Cost? I’ve looked all over and have found a few numbers, but I’m a bit confused. Basically $60,000 seems to be the average I’ve found but I’ve found some other places that say that 60,000 is a group of 15. So my question is, does it cost 60,000 per person, or is it 60,000 split between 15?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet:

    Just moved to the city from Jersey where I play in AC about 2 times a week. Been playing for 6 years. Looking for something in Manhattan. 1/2, 2/5, open to all games. Not affiliated with LE in any way – just looking for a game.

  • uberfailz:

    hey, my sis has 2 do a mountain project and she has chosen mount everest, we need info, if you know anything about it including wildlife and plants, who lives there, tourism, weather, height, names of other mountains in the range and facts, it is for a 10 year old so it needs to be info that she can understand, links would be helpful, but if you know any useful and true info, then include that aswell, please, no stupid info !!!

  • alberto s:

    Anyone read the novel “everest” by idk who. What is it about and who are the characters? My teacher has been reading it but i cant understan her that well cuz o the echoie room. We have to do an activity about it and i dont even know who the main character is or the important details. Were the letters to spell everest on bottle caps or wrappers? Hellp only at the middle part so pleez sont spoil! Somethin about sleepwalking is sorta where we left off.

  • jdfan:

    I signed up logged in, got into a game and had no idea how to call, check raise or how to enter amount. Tutorial gives no instructions for key board commands. Help, please, re: ignorant poker player trying to learn.

  • Random:

    I want to go to Everest institute because its by my house and it seems like a good school. I want to get my degree in nursing from there. Have anyone went there or know someone that went there?

  • homerliveshere:

    I want to climb Mt. Everest as the youngest female. But I don’t know where to get the money at 15. I heard about Jordan Romero whose parents dropped what they were doing to help him climb the Seven Summits. Sadly, I’m not that lucky. So:
    -Can I climb Mt. Everest for charity with no experience? (If yes, can you name some please?
    -Where could I get money?
    -Do I need a professional for training?
    -How long will training take?
    -Am I crazy for thinking I can climb it by May 2013?

    Please tell me anything else you think will help me. Thank you so much!

  • superdork:

    who is the most famous person that climbed mount everest? thanks

  • Jeff:

    in what way, and through what media is Mount Everest advertised, promoted, and commercialized?
    Thank you

  • Eric:

    I always hear horrible comments about everest being such a terrible school. My sister graduated and she’s a medical assistant now idk i’m just wondering is it really that bad?

  • Oilers:

    What’s the ride like? I’ve never been on it before and i’m going to disney world for fall break in 8 days ๐Ÿ™‚ Is there a big drop during the ride? My problem is that i don’t really like roller coasters. I don’t throw up or anything, but i do have a touch of motion sickness. I’ve ridden roller coasters before and i’ve been fine, but do you think I could handle Expedition Everest? My mom says that it’s a really easy ride and that I would be fine, but i don’t necessarily believe her. she could just be trying to get me to go on it, because she has done that in the past. What do you think? Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  • simply complicated:

    Im seeing stuff about Mount Everest and im asking myself can u just take equipment from home and go climb it with no giving a penny ( expect money for food and water ) ?? What do you think ?
    I have seen other answers telling that u must pay a lot of money to climb it … Im not going to climb im just curious about it :))

  • Mark:

    what is the most common stone around or on mt Everest?
    thank u!

  • Rishi:

    Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain peak in the world.

  • Disrae:

    do you guys think that they will close expedition everest by december 2009???

  • brincks26:

    I’m interested in attending everest college but i’ve heard alot of mixed reviews on the school. Are there any people that you’ve heard of or know who attended the school and had gotten a job right afterwards?

  • Taylor2k:

    What kind of mountain is mount everest and what are the tectonic plates it’s located on??

  • heavenly sword:


  • xiM Clutch:

    I would love to hear some thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vultre9:

    I’m not a mountaineer, and there is no way I could ever get the money together to afford a trip to everest even if I wanted. But is it actually all that hard with a good fitness level to summit it? What is the climb like compared to k2?

  • Big Banger:

    I already have a lot of info for my trip that im taking more than a year from now. If anyone has made the trip to base camp (nepal side) or even climbed the mountain, what are some tips for trekking to the base camp? i need some good input that isnt guided by possible profit like every website. maybe some must sees from Lakla airport to everest, or things to bring, or things to avoid bringing, maybe permits that i wouldnt even thing about? please help, its so hard to find anyone whos been to everest…
    wow thanks man, most help ive gotten. and im 18 right now going to be 19 when i go. and 25,000 is a lot of money to cough up. i think ill stick to base camp. is there really people there that monitor if you have a permit to go on the mountain? like if i go a little past base camp, are they gonna just arrest me? if so, thats pretty rediculous
    how did u find the visablity in feb??
    how did u find the visablity in feb??

  • Dark_LovexXx:

    I’ve been looking to go to college and need opinions of where to go…
    I’ve been thinking about going to everest but i want the best option out there for me.
    LOL Sophia. Many of my friends go to Everest and actually got their associates degree. I just wanted to see what else was out there lol But thank you for being a cunt ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thank you !! ๐Ÿ˜€ youve helped me majorly <3

  • Sir fliesalot:

    Do people live on Mt. Everest? and if yes how many?
    but what about the base?

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused:

    How much would it cost to climb Everest? Sources would help too.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    I was going to apply to Everest college but I am not sure f they are as accredited as say mohawk college. I live in Ontario Canada, can someone please help me out?

  • hank baseballs:

    Please help! I need the distance from Mount Everest to Nepal, Mount Everest to Tibet, and Mount Everest to India. If you could give it in miles of kilometers that would help alot!

    Thanks so much!
    Hi! I would like to know the distance from Mt. Everest to Nepal, Mount Everest to Tibet, and Mount Everest to India. I already know where Mount Everest is located, and from the summit to the border of these countries would be great help!

    Thanks so much!

  • jag43216:

    So I’ve really looked into the MA program at Everest, for the last 3 years. I am just confused on whether to do it or not. I need something going for me, as I am a new mother and currently working at a daycare and need some type of career with benifits AND something I enjoy. I have looked into the CNA and took the classes, but it is something I really don’t want to do & wouldn’t enjoy.. And I don’t have time to go to a community college for 2-4 years.. I would like something fast.. which is why im so interested in everest. I know how expensive it is- and i’m not too concerned about the price, as i would most likely stay with the career for a LONG time.. and enjoy it. But i’ve heard about everest cheating you out of your money and making you find your own externship places and never graduating??? Anyone who has went there and had a good outcome, or found a job? I know there are TONS of MA positions available all over the place where I live. I know FINDING a job would be no problem if i did good in school.. I’m just wondering if anyone has had success there. Please and thank you!! I looked into ross medical education also, but the MA’s at my doc office says that everest has a better reputation… thoughts, PLEASE and thanks!!

  • Duke:

    How much does it cost to go there? And how long does it take to graduate? Plus is it a bad school like so many people say? My sister went there went it was called Bryman, she said it was bad. Is it still this way? All of your answers will be appreciated. I just dont want to waste my time and money if it isnt worth it. Oh and do any of you know of any other good colleges like Everest that dont require a HS diploma and are done fast?

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    Does anyone know of a company that does everest summit expeditions for people who have only done a small amount of alpine climbing. I don’t want to pay 1000 dollars just to go to the base camp which is prob. a dump.
    It sounds like i dont want to pay much but as long as i get to the top anything will do ahaha
    why go all that way and not just go for it

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