Recommended online casinos and poker rooms

Because of the anonymity of playing online, there are a few things to know that differs from playing live poker. Some people will play hands that they would never play in person, mainly because it is only a mouse click and no one can glare at them when they see the horrible starting hand they had.


This leads to many more suckouts. You will get drawn out on more than normal and get rivered more often. Your swings will be greater in internet poker as opposed to casino poker. When it happens to you, just take it in stride knowing that, in time, your good play will be rewarded and their bad play will cost them money. Also, sometimes the chat can get a little raucous, so it is best not to get involved in arguments and just ignore anything that might be said to you that is derogatory. About twice as many hands are dealt an hour online than in a casino room. Add this to the loose playing of many players, and you have the basis for many of the rumors of online rooms being “rigged.” Instead of attributing their losses to bad play; it is much easier for bad players to think the room has some nefarious plot in place to make them lose. To think that a multimillion-dollar operation would jeopardize their business to make an extra few dollars is illogical. Before you play, you need to be aware of the possibility of cheating. Just as in a live poker room, some cheating takes place. Rather than ignore it, we think it is better to address it and be aware of it. Wherever there is money at stake, some people will try to cheat to get it. Online card rooms have programs in place to reduce the probability of cheating. They can see if two or more players continually play in the same games, if player’s timeout on purpose and other things that reduce the risk of playing with cheat. It is important that you report any suspicious behavior to the site to investigate.

Two friends can talk over the phone and compare hands; one person could have two computers and be two players in one game, etc. Just be aware of this, but don’t get paranoid over it. It is in the site’s best interest to curb cheating, so reporting it is the best way to stop it. In low limit games, you probably don’t have much to worry about, but in higher limits, you should be more vigil and report anything suspicious. One of the benefits of playing online is that if you are in a game and don’t feel comfortable, it is very easy to leave and enter another room

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